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Adam Pinkman

The video this article is about recreates one of the most iconic scenes from Pulp Fiction, specifically, the one where Jules torments that one poor schmuck who screwed over Marcellus Wallace, and presses him with contrived questions while the poor guy is in a state of shock and can say nothing other than the one word “what”.

This video took me the whole Christmas break to make (part-time), knowing that I used not only the Rockstar Editor but also a compositing software to merge the shots later. I also had to use my visual effects skills to add that "table flip" in that 2 second shot because apparently you can't flip a table in GTA V:

Watch the video here :

Also, here is the side by side comparison with the original scene from Pulp Fiction!

I also remade some other stuff of other movies/tv shows/video games (Breaking Bad, Spiderman 2, Halo, Skyrim, Star Wars), and I also brought back Crash Bandicoot in GTA V, on my YouTube channel.



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