ByAllyson King, writer at

In my older years, I've become quite a fan of the Marvel comics characters as portrayed in TV series: Smallville (superman), The Flash, Arrow, Gotham. I'm not really sure what I attribute this to, except that these main characters all embrace qualities that this young generation pales in: integrity, honesty, selflessness, comradery - you get the picture. My hope is that they will do more than enjoy these series but will allow them to make a genuine impact on their lives and living. That said, Felicity Smoak in "Arrow" has definitely become one of my favs because she has the guts and gusto to be a perfect match for Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow.

For me to think this gal would be killed off at the hands of masked strangers when she's such an integral part of the overall plot in "Arrow" gives me great pause as to whether or not I'd continue watching - and that is saying a lot! Much as I enjoy "Arrow", the death of this charming character would be a deal-breaker for me.

I'm really hoping that the polls going around the internet will influence "Arrow" writers and producers to uping their game to continue to include Felicity's character as vital to the overall theme as it plays out...and as for the possibility of her becomeing "Oracle"? Well, this is something that would be awesome and so "up her alley" as her character has grown and developed so much in the past seasons and would work very well with what the "Arrow" storyline encompasses.

My two-cents' worth, ya'all.


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