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Earlier today I posted about an upcoming fan made X-Men animated series. So from one animated show to another, let's talk about Legend of the Dragon. You may already be aware but Legend of the Dragon was an animated series that first aired in 2005. I used to love the show as a child and followed it religiously.

I have always loved martial arts and fantasy, this show had both so naturally I was drawn to it. The characters in Legend of the Dragon are a cross between ninjas and superheroes. Furthermore, the atmosphere is really nice, the combination of the brilliantly realised locations and beautiful music make it a real treat. It was also really well written. The idea behind it is that there are 12 zodiac temples, each of the temples have a power band which gives the wearer the abilities and some physical traits (in some cases) of that animal symbol. The characters walk around looking like the average martial arts master most of the time until it goes down and it is time to call upon the power of their temple.

The protagonist is the Golden Dragon, he is a bad ass called Aang. Due to jealousy that she did not become the next Golden Dragon, his sister Lin turns to the side of evil joining the Zodiac master and taking on the role of the Shadow Dragon. The Zodiac Master is attempting to defeat all of the temple guardians in order to possess all of the powers. When he defeats another temple guardian he adds their zodiac jewel to his power band therefore possessing the powers of that animal as well as the others he already has. He is a really intimidating villain not just due to animation but also in no small part to the fantastic voice acting.

You get some amazing showdowns and intense family drama. Legend of the Dragon is just waiting to be remade. Give fans what they want, reboot that universe as an animated series, or better still, a live action movie franchise.


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