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Before [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) was released, the marketing carefully positioned Rey and Finn in different roles. Finn was shown fighting with the lightsaber, implying that he was the Saga's next Jedi. Rey's role was played down significantly, concealing the plot reveal that she is "stronger than she knows" when it comes to the Force.

But does this mean that Finn won't become a Jedi? It's true that we didn't see any clear evidence that he's Force sensitive in Star Wars 7... but there are some excellent clues and Easter Eggs which suggest he will indeed walk the Jedi path!

Oh Finn, don't we love him. He's a hugely important character regardless of whether he trains to be a Jedi or not: he represents the defiant spirit that is essential for the Star Wars story. The fact that Finn is able to overcome a lifetime of brutal conditioning to act compassionately is one of the most touching aspects of The Force Awakens.

Basically, whether Finn is Force sensitive or not, he's still awesome. But hey, this is Star Wars, the Jedi are awesome, and Finn's already got badass skills with a lightsaber!

Finn v TR-8R
Finn v TR-8R

So what evidence is there that he's Force sensitive? Turns out, quite a bit...

The Clue's In The Name

Finn's original title is FN-2187, and many fans have already pointed out that this is Leia's cell number in A New Hope. But what's interesting is that this number was already a reference to the film that inspired George Lucas to come up with the idea of the Force: 21-87 by Arthur Lipsett. George Lucas discussed this with WIRED in 2005...

"In the contemplation of nature and in communication with other living things, they become aware of some kind of force." [phrase from 21-87]
When asked if this was the source of "the Force," Lucas confirms that his use of the term in Star Wars was "an echo of that phrase in 21-87."

Ok, so the film 21-87 inspired the entire concept of the Force. Got it. And 2187 is Finn's designation so... is this a clue that he's Force sensitive?

Could FInn become a Jedi?
Could FInn become a Jedi?

This is certainly possible. After all, 2187 was also Leia's cell number, and she was later revealed to be Force sensitive in Return Of The Jedi. But what other clues do we have?

Callbacks To The Expanded Universe

The Expanded Universe is a collection of games, novels, and comic books which were created before Disney acquired Star Wars and declared them no longer canon. But The Force Awakens does seem to harken back to the EU a lot: for example, Kylo Ren is strikingly similar to Han and Leia's son in the EU, Jacen Solo.

It's possible that Finn is a combination of two characters from the EU: Kyle Katarn, a Stormtrooper who defects, and Finn Galfridian. Kyle is revealed to be Force sensitive and trains himself after joining the Rebellion. Finn Galfridian is very interesting too, as through the Force he senses his family in danger during a battle. Sound familiar?

Finn, shocked after Slip's death.
Finn, shocked after Slip's death.

While on Jakku, Finn witnesses a fellow Stormtrooper killed by Poe Dameron. This Trooper was later revealed as a personal friend of Finn's. His death, and being commanded to kill innocents, made Finn start questioning The First Order. Why is this so important? It's actually not Finn who gave us the clue that he's Force Sensitive, but Kylo Ren...

Finn Awakens

The title of Star Wars 7 could refer to anything: a general resurgence of Force power throughout the galaxy, Rey's discovery of her Force powers, etc. There is one key moment, however, which could show Finn's own Force awakening.

Finn on Jakku
Finn on Jakku

There's a moment at the end of the battle on Jakku where Kylo Ren pauses. He looks straight at Finn as though sensing something, then continues on his way back to the shuttle. This moment is never explained, and it's possible that Kylo Ren sensed Finn's Force sensitivity, which had been awoken by the Stormtrooper's death.

Ok, this is grasping at straws a little bit. But Star Wars is all about symbolism so hey, why not? In the context of the other clues hinting that Finn is Force sensitive, this moment is given a little bit more meaning.

Kylo Ren attacks Finn on Starkiller Base
Kylo Ren attacks Finn on Starkiller Base

So how will the story lead on from here: will Finn discover his Force powers in Star Wars Episode 8, and train with Rey? It's possible, but it's also possible that Finn isn't Force sensitive at all: his story could lead back to The First Order as he inspires other Troopers to defect. Either way, Finn's a fantastic character who we hope will continue to shine in Star Wars 8.

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