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Let me begin by saying that while I usually do not condone blatant advertising, this product is too perfect not to review. I am in no way being paid to write such a review, however, after being subscribed to this product for the past few months, I've decided that this is a product worth sharing.

What is Loot Crate?

December 2015: Galaxy Themed Loot Crate
December 2015: Galaxy Themed Loot Crate

To summarize the product, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service in which a various number of mystery items related to nerd culture are delivered to your house. The products sent and received month-to-month vary, depending on what the theme is, for example, last month's theme was Galaxy. Likewise, the prices vary, depending on the type of box (my personal favorite being the standard loot crate), other boxes include, Level Up Crates, and Loot Pet Crates, among others. For this article I will be focused mainly on Loot Crates, however I recommend all of their products.

Why Get Loot Crate?

What's great about Loot Crate is the anticipation. It's like once a month Christmas, and each month the box arrives on your doorstep, and what's great is you never know what you'll end up with. It's like Netflix meets Stumble Upon meets Hot Topic, and you're always sure to find something new and exciting. Whether it's December's Han Solo Limited Edition Pop Figure,

December 2015: Galaxy Loot Crate
December 2015: Galaxy Loot Crate

or October's Time Crate featuring this Super Sonic Screwdriver Spork,

October 2015: TIme Loot Crate
October 2015: TIme Loot Crate

There's always something to get excited about, and personally, I enjoy being surprised each month which something new. Likewise, Loot Crate is wonderful because if you aren't a fan of a specific item, it's a great, simple gift for your friend, colleague, or loved one, who is. Did you forget your nerd culture loving friends' birthday is next month? Just don't open the Crate you receive that month, and give it to them, they'll love it! It's the perfect gift for you, or anyone in your life who loves geek culture.

Loot Crate Is Affordable

I, myself, am I poor student, so dropping money on expensive subscriptions is not something I'm going to do. Which is why loot crate is so wonderful. Loot Crates are only $20 a month, which, in my opinion, is a major win. Think of it like this, Pop Figures are generally $10, and for twice that you get things like all of this.

October 2015: Time Loot Crate
October 2015: Time Loot Crate

Loot crates are a quick, affordable, means of gaining some truly stellar collectibles, comics, t-shirts and video game redemption codes.


Loot crates are an easy, ideal means of getting your monthly geek culture fix, and I strongly recommend this product for you, or anyone in your life. They're fun, efficient, and will give you something new to look forward to each month. For more information, or to purchase your own loot crate, check out their official site: , but bear in mind that in order to get this month's crate, you must order by the 19th of the month in question. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a Loot Crate!


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