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I mentioned in my last post that I am a serious Star Wars fan and that I was going to watch the new movie even though it Disney now instead of George Lucas. Well im here to tell you, (SPOILER ALERT), that I have seen it and that, in my opinion, it was half and half. Disney truly brought out that star wars feeling to the movie. The suspense, the plot, the characters and everything in between. However, Disney did say that anything from the extended universe no longer matters and Disney's new story line is the only one that matters. I can even understand that. But I can not deal with the fact that Disney changed the characters. Its one thing to change a story line but not the characters who follow it. For instance, Any true star wars fan knows that there were twins born to Han and Leia. They were Jacen and Jaina. Jacen became a dark Jedi know as Kylo Ren. But in this movie he had a totally different name, Ben. Ben was the name Luke gave to his son. And Rey, Disney is trying to pass off as Luke's daughter should really be Jaina, the twin sister of Jacen (Kylo Ren or Ben for movie purposes). Other than that there were many small loop holes in the movie but that is for another post. All in all, it was a well made movie. But I still think Disney could have done a better job of keeping the characters from the extended universe, even if they were changing the story line.


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