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We just got another thirty seconds of awesomeness. It was action packed, and it gave us another close look at our new Batman.


Now even though this trailer is only thirty seconds long, we learn a lot from it. Firstly we know that Superman is angry. As shown by this moment in the trailer.

Now this could be due to the events of Man of Steel and how the world is against him, but it also could be something that Batman does during the film, and I am leaning more towards option 2 because of what happens next.

Superman swats the Batmobile away, like it was nothing. Which to be perfectly clear, was probably nothing for him. It shows that Superman is frustrated, it could be directly at Batman, or just at the world, and he could be taking it out on the Dark Knight.

However Superman does not compromise on his principals, since he does not kill, or even hurt the Dark Knight, instead choosing to fly away.

So, we know that during the course of the film, we will see a frustrated Superman, now whether his problems lie only with the Dark Knight, or whether with the world in general is yet to be determined. However, this was another amazing trailer, and it gives us an incite into what we can expect from these characters.


Are you ready for Batman vs Superman?


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