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The epic franchise that is Star Wars has always attracted fan theories that look into every detail and grasp at straws for proof. With the release of Episode seven came new theories to answer the many questions the movie left it's dedicated fan base. One such theory being that Kylo Ren is actually Light Side, playing his superiors in the First Order, fooling Supreme Leader Snoke, and on his way to the utter destruction of the Dark Side. This theory, like many others is backed with empty evidence. The truth of the matter is, Kylo Ren, like his grandfather before him, has been seduced to the Dark Side and isn't seeing the light any time soon. Han Solo most likely died in vain, sorry, not sorry.

The strongest argument for Kylo's would-be goodness is his promise to his idolized grandfather, the one and only Sith Lord, Darth Vader, to "finish what he started." This is looked into as Anakin Skywalker's goal to destroy the darkness and bring balance to the force (He actually did bring balance, but thats another story for another time). However, Kylo is not interested in Vader's Light Side past. Had he been, he probably wouldn't be in the First Order right now. Anakin was quickly seduced to the Dark Side with promises of power and the ability to protect his loved ones. In his journey to the dark side and through the persuasion of Emperor Palpatine, he began a new goal of destroying the Jedi. This is what Kylo Ren wishes to complete, not destruction of the dark, but the light.

Kylo Ren's conversation with his estranged father, Han Solo, is another component looked too deeply into. Kylo explains to his father the struggle he faces, saying how he feels torn. Before delivering a fatal blow to his father, Kylo asks for his help. This is analyzed as Kylo Ren not wanting to do what he needs to be Dark Side, and feeling torn because he is on a side he does not sympathize with. As for his father "helping" him, the murder of his father would surely complete the masquerade that Kylo is submerged in the darkness. Whereas Kylo Ren does feel the pull of the Light Side, it certainly isn't his main influence. Kylo Ren does feel torn, he shows that in his conversations to his late grandfather, and his temper tantrums. However, Kylo feels torn because he does feel the Light Side, and that's not what he wants. Kylo Ren idolizes everything that is the Sith, and aims for a future that is in the Dark Side. His constant outbursts and obvious mental strain is understood when taken into consideration that he indeed feels the pull of the Light Side. I imagine that's quite frustrating for someone who aspires to be great in the Dark Side. So when Kylo murders Han Solo, he is cutting his ties with the Light Side and truly becoming Sith.

The strongest point opposing that Kylo Ren is Light Side is that The Force Awakens was meant to mirror A New Hope. There's many obvious things in the movie that give this away - young soon to be Jedi on a desert planet, a droid looking for someone holding valuable information, etc. Although, Rey wasn't nearly the damsel in distress that Princess Leia was, but I digress. It is a known pattern in Star Wars that the movies mirror each other, as episodes one, two and three mirror the original trilogy. That being said, Kylo Ren is the new powerful dark force that Darth Vader was, and it is very likely that Kylo Ren will remain that force for the movies to come. Now, Darth Vader did eventually redeem himself at the end of Episode six by saving Luke from The Emperor and sacrificing himself, so following the pattern, it would make sense if Kylo Ren were to eventually return to the Light Side. However, for the moment, it is highly unlikely that Kylo feels much sympathy for the Light Side, let alone is behind a master plan to bring down the First Order.

Of course fans want Han Solo's death to mean something. They can't just kill an iconic character like that for no reason, right? Well, they can, and they most likely did. Going out of the movies, the fact is that Harrison Ford was looking for a way out of the franchise, so in killing his character, Harrison Ford is pleased, and it creates a powerful fan reaction to Kylo Ren's character. Kylo is a total badass, but his character probably wouldn't have had as much of an impact had he not done something so shocking and powerful. So, sorry to burst your bubble, kids, but Kylo Ren, for the moment at least, is as good as Sith.


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