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Over the years of superhero television, the hero always has a somewhat nerdy (yet good-looking) wiz-kid sidekick who ultimately ends up stealing the show. Allison Mack's unforgettable performance as Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, Emily Bett Rickards' brilliant portrayal of Felicity Smoak on and Danielle Panabaker's beautifully subtle Caitlin Snow on The Flash. All of these characters have provided us with hilarious moments but then out of the blue, they have the potential to deliver show-stopping dramatic performances. Well, Supergirl is no different: Jeremy Jordan is nothing short of brilliant as the technically gifted but hopelessly in love Winslow "Winn" Schott Jr.

Winn may be a genius, but the thing that makes him stand out the most is his charm. Little quips and remarks he makes end up being unintentionally funny such as the "Clark Kent is Superman" moment. However it is his feelings for Kara that make Winn Schott easily the most relatable character in Supergirl. Winn adds humanity to a series that is rife with superior beings.

Winn and Kara share a Dance (CBS)
Winn and Kara share a Dance (CBS)

If you have seen this week's episode of Supergirl (Ep 10 - "Childish Things"), then you'll know that we finally got to know more about Winn's background and his personality: his fear of becoming like his father, his fear of bottling things up and his determination to move on. I have to hand it to Jeremy Jordan, I have seen him excel in roles before but this was one of his finest pieces of acting yet. Everything going through Winn's head is evident from Jordan's facial expressions, the way he looks at Kara and the fear in his eyes. The person who had been a sense of stability in Kara's life suddenly found himself faced with the possibility of becoming unstable, something he managed to avoid and will hopefully continue to avoid. Furthermore, since the show began we have watched Winn fall deeper in love with Kara. Again, Jordan portrayed this to perfection, his face lighting up when Kara entered the room or the long lingering looks after she left. Little statements like "Wow, you look really pretty without your glasses on" and "What I'm grateful you" have complemented the storyline perfectly. Everytime he nearly got close to the reveal, he pulled it back...until now.

"Everday, Kid": The lingering looks at Kara (CBS)
"Everday, Kid": The lingering looks at Kara (CBS)

This is why Winn is the heart and soul of the show. He is the most relatable of all the characters -- desperately in love with his best friend and afraid to tell her. He is a character that makes audiences want to root for him and want him to succeed. How many of us have been there, right? Hopefully if you've made it this far through the article, you have seen the last episode because like I said..SPOILERS... you will also have seen the truly heart-wrenching scenes between Kara and Winn. I have to applaud both Melissa Benoist and Jeremy Jordan for delivering superb performances in this episode. They were stellar, strong and beautiful. When Kara is reassuring Winn of his good heart, he forgoes all his inhibitions in that one moment and kisses her. Check out the brilliant and touching performances from Benoist and Jordan in that bombshell of a scene below:

Unfortunately Kara wants things to remain the same. Instead of smiling about it, Winn delivers an emotional speech about how he refuses to bottle things up. The episode also made clear that Kara is still hung up on James Olsen. It makes you wonder where they are going to go from here, because I seem to recall an interview with the cast where they said that James and Kara could never be a thing. If this is true, I really hope they don't spend too long on the "will they, won't they" angle when we already supposedly know. I like James Olsen, I really do... but I don't think he and Kara the same kind of chemistry as he has with Lucy Lane. She has more in common with Winn. But anyways, the point is that, if Kara and James don't ever become a thing and she has made her feelings about Winn clear, where does the show go romantically from here? One particular theory is what worries me.

There have been rumours that because of this heartache, Winn will end up becoming like his father and eventually become Toyman 2.0 (after all Winslow Schott is Toyman's name in the comics...Supergirl hasn't specified that it couldn't happen to Winn later down the line), but I hope this isn't true. The character is always on hand to help Kara out of sticky situations, hack into an enemy's database or to deliver a perfectly timed funny quip. Some may have claimed that he suffered from a lack of character development over the past few weeks, but now that has been put to rest this week: Now we feel like we actually know Winn: what he feels and what he has been hiding. It all came out this week: the secret past he was hiding and the bombshell of a secret that will seriously affect his relationship with Kara. He now has drive to steer clear of the dark path and continue to strive towards good. It will make for an interesting character arc and development for a character that is already a joy to watch. His presence only adds to the show and I genuinely believe that if he ends up becoming a villain, the show will sorely miss his presence.

I have to praise Jeremy Jordan for bringing Winn to life. Being a tenured "leading man" in many of his previous roles, Jordan has done a fantastic job of fading into the supporting role as Winn. Jordan is a multi-talented, seasoned Broadway, television and film actor. Like I said, he is no stranger to leading man material, perhaps most notably appearing in Smash as Jimmy Collins and The Last Five Years alongside Anna Kendrick. Smash is widely regarded as one of the shows that got cancelled far too soon. I completely agree with this. It was refreshing to see such a serious take on the production of a musical with real, well developed characters. Jordan's presence in Season Two only added to a show that I already loved. His charisma as a leading man and as a performer were evident. Check him out in Smash below. It's a great contrast to his role as Winn and conveys his versatility as an actor:

If you didn't already figure it out after watching that performance, he's also an incredible singer. And it's not just a studio voice either, he's an amazing live singer with a well-trained Broadway voice that could give you chills. Check him out performing an incredible rendition of Celine Dion's "It's All Coming Back To Me Now".

I wonder if Kara seen this, would she think "James who?" ;)

I heard once that fans would love a musical episode of Supergirl. Let me just tell you right now that I would not be opposed to that. In fact, I would love it. After all, Melissa Benoist became a household name after starring in Glee for two years as Marley Rose. With Jordan's powerful pipes and Benoist's amazing voice, perhaps Winn and Kara could make some sweet music together. It's a comicbook show, stranger things have happened!

Whatever happens in Winn's future, I do hope he continues to stick around and add his personal brand of fun to Supergirl. He grounds the show with a real human-like approach and is arguably one of the most realistic characters in the show. In a show full of superheroes, business tycoons and rich people, Winn is the one that has the most heart, and that ladies and gentlemen is what makes Winn easily the most relatable character in the show!


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