ByCrowsley Hernando, writer at

I have wanted for years for them to show Nikkia's story. After seeing her mother die in cold blood in her suburban kitchen Nikkia suffers from Post traumatic Stress Disorder and severe nightmares. Her A grades in school drop and she disowns her white side and considers herself full black. At age 13 she runs away from home and lives on streets where she is quickly adopted by an all girl gang " The pink crew".....the thing is she has to take a life for them to protect her. At age 15, she runs the gang and has taken many lives. And by age of 16 she creates a clever plan to return to a suburb and attend high school..... with a new identity and a spoiled, white-washed-girl persona she goes out of her way to meet and becomes best friends with B.B. ( Bill's daughter)....... Soon she will get close enough to get her REVENGE.


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