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Is the real Hank Henshaw still alive and ready to fulfil our villainous dreams? Does Clark Kent even I.M? And is there no hope for Maxwell Lord?

As the Maxwell/Alex ship sank to the cold floor of the ocean, Supergirl returned last week with some disappointing turns.

Whilst Hank Henshaw was revealed to be the iconoclastic opposition to Superman’s cyborg enemy, Martian Manhunter, are we being mislead into safety, whilst the real Hank Henshaw thrives elsewhere still? Or, in order to step away from the Superman-verse - Clark Kent aside - and take note of Smallville’s methods, is this the last we will see of Hank’s origins?

Excited to see Cat reveal that she knew Kara’s true identity, the series returned this year with the ultimate cover-up. With Hank’s shapeshifting skills, Cat is no longer suspicious of Kara; and perhaps, no longer a mentor to Supergirl. A deliberate move by the writers’, the consequences left upon Miss. Grant and her assistant remain vague; must remain a sore disappointment to fans.

Less vague is the impending relationship between Kara and Adam Foster. As Cat’s eldest son, it is doubtful that she would allow the downsides to being Supergirl, effect the son she has tried to protect.

Portrayed by Melissa Benoist’s real life husband Blake Jenner; there is bound to be some serious on-set chemistry between the real life couple; to replace the role of Jimmy Olsen (for now) in the Kara/Winn and Jimmy love triangle.

Blake Jenner
Blake Jenner

Whilst Cat has nothing but a monetary relationship with Adam, will his arrival in the series be one of happiness or tension? A definitive threat to Kara and Cat’s relationship; perhaps the secrecy of her alter ego is best kept as such, despite the freshness of our disappointment.

As the character of Adam Foster’s fate is due to be a grim one, is Maxwell Lord the only character we need to worry about? With the mentorship of Cat and Kara seemingly less poignant to the rest of the series; will Foster’s role be short-lived, and a mere result being married to the show’s star?

Maxwell Lord
Maxwell Lord

In family drama, I struggle; like Kara, to figure out Astra’s intentions. Whilst an ecologist at heart, Astra’s intentions as ambiguous as her character development thus far, are far from those of Maxwell Lord. In fact, as the series returned in the New Year, we are left wondering whether Maxwell will liken himself to our first impressions of the Kryptonian cause. As Astra ascends in our opinion, Maxwell descends; ending last week’s episode with the apparent creation of a cyborg Supergirl - a suggested compromise to include cyborg enemies and a martian manhunter. Alas, the chemistry between Alex and Max is left to be nothing but a cold and bitter memory.

Lying in wait, the deliberate secrecy of Alex’s relation to Supergirl is surely set to play a role in both Astra’s and Max’s motivations.

With an I.M from Clark Kent in last week’s episode, reiterating a much used “Blood bonds us all line” from Astra, are we to continue buying the awkward and cheesy presence of Superman, or take note of a red Flag that suggests all is still not as it seems?

With everything up in the air, the recent full series order for Supergirl leaves us with some optimism that ambiguities will peak for an amazing second half of the season.

Also: will the Supergirl uniform be upgraded with the knowledge that Kryptonite can be conquered?

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