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Renee Price

Much like Django Unchained, Quentin Tarantino brings us back to another old west film with a bunch of crazy characters. Samuel L Jackson and Kurt Russell are back with some new faces to the usual casting list, but none of these new faces will leave you feeling disappointed.

Do not expect an all out over the top bloody mess of a Tarantino movie like usual, instead picture another strong dialogued, humorous film. We all know Tarantino never lacks in the entertainment department. If you are a fan like me, you will spend most of the movie engulfed in the details of each character and wonder why everything seems a little too "convenient."

It isn't until mid-way through that you start to grasp a good idea of where the story might be heading and even then the ending will leave you a little surprised, not to mention, Channing Tatum makes an appearance, isn't that enough?


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