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I love cinema but I'm a sucker for animation, I love the artistry and detail of film and cartoons.
Sadie Villegas

CRUELLA, that is. Following their recent hit Maleficent they're following up with another Villain perspective movie based on 101 Dalmatians, this one is called Cruella Deville, and the lovely Emma Stone is starring with other big stars such as Meryl Streep (still unconfirmed but fingers crossed). As the movie is just in the writing stages still we don't know too much but we can't wait. With the recent monetary success of Star Wars they could afford to pull out all the stops on this one, and we can't wait to see it. The movie is being written by the the writers of Saving Mr Banks, so we're very optimistic considering how amazing that film was. Now a days it seems like Disney can do no wrong, the worst thing from them this year having been strange magic, suffice to say they're on top of their game as far as we're concerned. Bring it on Disney, and keep them coming!


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