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I love cinema but I'm a sucker for animation, I love the artistry and detail of film and cartoons.
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Some movies are bad on purpose, some are are just so bad... You think it was on purpose. If you can't find anything to watch or stream on your own and are morbidly curious and up for a bad time (or a great time if used as a drinking game) then these ten will deliver. These movies will make you question why you haven't produced a movie. Let us know if you do,.. we'll expand our list.

10. Batman and robin

From the ice-puns to Ivy's wild oats, this movie just doesn't live up to the dark knights name.

9. Howard the duck

I think the picture here really is worth 1000 words

8. Animated Rip-offs

There are seriously a bunch of these. The titles are so shameless. It's hilarious and awful.

7. Kazaam


This one has 3 sequels with a forth on the way. Let's just say sharks, tornados, chainsaws. That sums this franchise up

5. The room

This one you have to see to believe. This movie is SO bad that it has a following, and there's a movie being made about the making of this movie.. It's called the Disaster Artist.

4. Birdemic

This movie exists. It's real. Someone thought this would be a good movie.

3. Food fight

This movie is one giant horribly rendered commercial. Seriously.

2. Battlefield earth

This movie is worse then the previous we've listed. Enough said.

1. From Justin to Kelly

And finally this, fresh from American Idol watch young Kelly Clarkson.. Do this...

Seriously sly all these movie are terrible.... If your a connoisseur of cinema you have just got to see them.


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