ByAliescha Long, writer at

Fifty Shades of Grey has been seen as a hugely popular book. The movie coming out on Valentines day attracting a large amount of people, a certain amount saying it was perfect another amount saying it wasn't sexy like the book or the rest who said it was porn and didn't see it. The last group of people are certainly wrong. There was so much more sex in the book than in the movie. Maybe if some people wanted porn they should of got a actual poeno, this movie actually has a storyline. The book goes into such great detail about every sexual interaction making the reader imagine every image in their heads. The movie was sadly a let down.... or was it? Yes the actors/actresses did an amazing job, but there wasn't enough s&m, they left out too many details. Everyone wanted to see so much more (maybe even Mr. Grey full frontal) thats what I hoped for. The movie was lacking, but if they added more sexual interactions it might of been too much? We have to think Ms. Steele didn't do alot in the first book, she was just discovering her own sexual awarness. Finding out what things she liked and didn't like. Mr Grey teasing her every so slowly making her beg for more. The next movie will surely have more, maybe this movie was just a teaser, getting everyone ready for the next one.


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