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With Ben McKenzie's latest revelation that Jim Gordon and Barbara Kean "aren't over", the Gotham star had yet another revelation for us during a panel at Wizard World New Orleans this weekend.

McKenzie teased that there are still a lot more surprises coming up for the series' second half of Season 2.

Barbara Kean.
Barbara Kean.

As it turns out, despite all the liberal changes that have been made to the origins of Gotham Cities major players, there are some elements of the traditional mythology that will eventually come into play.

McKenzie was asked about the biggest element of their relationship, the major issues being the fact that their "relationship" produces a child in the comics. A child who was named Barbara Gordon, who grows up to take on the identity of Batgirl.

McKenzie responded with:

“That is something we definitely hope to address in the life of the show.”
Barbara Gordon: Batgirl.
Barbara Gordon: Batgirl.

How this is going to happen exactly, is anybody's guess at this stage.

My best assumption would be that, Barbara Kean and Jim Gordon somehow get intimate during the course of her recovery, or being in a tight situation. Barbara Kean could redeem herself in some way, but sadly pass away during childbirth.

This would leave a grief stricken Jim with mixed emotions, and in honor of the mother, he names their daughter after her and leaves him with sole custody, thus Barbara Gordon is born.

But that's just a random shot in the dark. I mean, Barbara Kean did go off the deep end in a major way, so there's one hell of a long road to redemption. But on Gotham, even our greatest heroes carry their own demons.

"I'm nice now, I swear!"
"I'm nice now, I swear!"

The second half of the season, which starts on February 29 on FOX, will feature Paul Reubens as The Penguin's father, Mister Freeze, and more.


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