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I believe Supreme Leader Snoke is Darth Plagueis for a number of reasons that rely purely on facts and when you add them together, it's pretty tough to deny that he isn't Darth Plagueis.

1. He has 3 hearts (true story). He can also control the metabolism of his cardiovascular system (he once did it to go into a mild hibernation state so he could smuggle himself on board a spaceship to avoid capture).

2. Influencing midi-chlorians to create life. Blah blah blah

3. He's a SURVIVOR!!! in the sense that when he knows his life is in immediate danger, he goes into survival mode. He kicks in his amazing ability to control his metabolism and uses the force to retain his life force to weather the "storm".

Now knowing that Darth Sidious killed him with his "Force Storm" ability. Snoke sure does look like he was mauled and crushed by random debris. My thoughts.... when Sidious killed Plagueis, he was waiting for the wine they were drinking to take effect and lure his master to sleep. However, he could've acted too soon. Sidious mounted his attack at the first sign that Plagueis had fallen asleep. Keep in mind that Plagueis also has an incredible awareness in the force as well (he sensed out palpatine when they first met and palpatine went unnoticed to the jedi for decades. This could've been preventing Plagueis from falling completely asleep). And Plagueis was probably still drifting into sleep; not fully asleep. Giving him a chance to protect himself just enough to survive and "play dead". And of course, like anyone, the next move is exile. There is no revenge attack..... Plagueis is 1 man and palpatine has a galactic army! But when he hear's that Darth Sidious AND his ridiculously powerful apprentice are dead...... what a great opportunity to rise and show his quality once again. And the last piece of the puzzle is in the latest Star Wars installment "The Force Awakens". In the final battle of the movie, it shows Kylo Ren tending to his massive torso wound by thumping on the wound, controlled breathing and some obvious midi-chlorian manipulation to keep the wound from bleeding. Sound like someone we know? To me, it's an obvious hint to the fans of Darth Plagueis (That's not a spoiler btw. Who doesnt get wounded in a final showdown). Thx for reading. And if your wondering where the facts come from, the book is "Darth Plagueis". Very dark and political read, and my personal favorite. And really, who can resist reading about the teachings and the rise of the sith'ari...... Darth Sidious.

Side note: I would be extremely disappointed if these new writers created some nobody to be Snoke. Especially when so many fans are screaming for a side story for Plagueis and Sidious. The conditions are perfect for it now.... just let it happen Baby!


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