ByAaron C. Dowdell, writer at
Aaron C. Dowdell

Honestly I would hope they could continue where they left off but movies now days I notice whenever Hollywood thinks about doing a continuation of a series there's either major changes to the original following or a reboot. Either way I hope the original cast along with original directors & writers can come up with a clever creation like the last three. Just hope it's not anything totally new when there's no past nostalgia involved, unlike Star Was Ep. 7 it was way plenty of it & too predictable! BTTF IV should be a continuation with a little of the past but with new fresh ideas to keep the franchise going and in order to do so a new Marty and Doc need to be introduced and hopefully they can have and bring the same chemistry to the series. If you're a true BTTF fan you'll always love our two heroic adventurers but like all great things they have to come to an end but there legacy in the series can always live on. I'm definitely looking forward to a part IV with all the original members plus with a few new ones thrown in there for good measure and let's hope this one is gonna be clever and adventurous as the last three. As for this parody trailer that's floating around it's not too bad but it would ruin the franchise! IJS lol Give me your thoughts on this on what you think BTTF IV should be like?


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