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Gareth Cavanagh

A new teaser trailer for the much anticipated Batman v Superman aired during last night's NFL Playoffs. Now I don't know anything about NFL but I am told the teaser aired during a match between the Chiefs and the Texans, whatever that means. The short preview for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is below.

So now we know that the "Do you bleed?" line comes from a scene in which Batman and Superman are actually face to face, standing on the wreckage of the Batmobile. This trailer treats us to amazing scenes as Batman tries to take Superman out and he just brushes off the freaking Batmobile! From this scene it would seem to me that Batman is dead set on taking Kal-El out. Superman, does not want to fight Batman because he knows the outcome, he is just warning him to back off at this stage. I have to say I am extremely excited for this one.


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