ByMichael Maynor, writer at

I read and heard a lot of theories after I watched the movie the first time. I didn't think any of the arguments held enough water for me to believe. I went into the second movie thinking my thoughts on this wouldn't turned away. However, when I saw the duel between Rey (Kenobi) and Ben Solo(Skywalker) especially when the two gripped each other's saber hand I remembered the same scene in "Revenge of the Sith" where Obi-wan and Anakin did the same thing. The similarities didn't end there either. both sets were dueling on a seismically active planet. In both duels the Kenobi waited for the Skywalker to strike first. Skywalker men were just to impassioned to wait for that. Rey has the same serenity that Kenobi has. Yes there are differences. This time the Kenobi is a woman. The differences between the two duels are contrasted beautifully by placing the second duel on a snowy planet as opposed to a volcanic one. All of the reasons the fans out there have given are just seasonings for me. This duel is what convinced me that she is a Kenobi. If not the granddaughter then a niece.


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