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Breaking the habit from my usual superhero articles, I would like to write an article about a show that is the epitome of TV gold.

In the last two years, Adult Swim has released an animated comedy masterpiece, called Rick and Morty. At first glance this is just the usual animated sitcom centered around a family similar to the likes of The Simpsons or the Family Guy. And yet five minutes into the pilot and you already know otherwise. This dark humorish, sci-fi-ish, a little stonerish adventure animation is everything you needed but never asked for.

From the disgusting scenes you can't look away from, or the offensive humor you can't get yourself to stop laughing at, here are five things you didn't notice on Rick and Morty:

5. Rick is aware he is a character in a cartoon

Many people, many a time, dismiss things that Rick says as either gibberish, or scientific nonsense. What these people don't notice, is his casual way of referencing things about the series themselves. During the episode 'Total Rickall', after the parasites feed off his thoughts and create a barbecue memory with Rick and a lot more other parasites, Rick flashes to present day and, realizing that he is surrounded by parasites, shouts "No!" and instantly turns to the audience, remarking on how it looks like a "where's Waldo" page and whether you can find him.

And if that sounds to you like just a meaningless way to roll out some ads, in the episode 'Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate', while changing the cable to Interdimensional, a doctor asks Rick what he is doing, and he responds with "a sequel", meaning a sequel on the earlier episode in Season 1; 'Rixty Minutes'.

In a similar fashion, Rick, after being "force choked" by the female Gazorpians, on 'Raising Gazorpazorg', asks the audience, "what's the opposite of wabba lubba dub dub ladies and gentlemen?"

And if that is not enough evidence for you, on the last few minutes of the episode 'Look Who's Purging Now', Rick refers to the first moments of the episode as "the First Act", which is a way to describe the first part of a script of a theatrical or cinematic performance.

4. Beth actually reveals how Rick left his family

From different quotes in the series we could all assume that Rick and Beth's mom had a failing marriage. Rick parallels his marriage with that of Beth and Jerry. But the biggest hints and nearly a straightforward answer comes from Beth herself. In the episode 'Auto-Erotic Assimilation', after being rejected by Unity Rick when he returns home, is instantly confronted by Beth. She tries in her calmest possible way to tell him that she "knows she sounds like mom" but she cannot sacrifice the family's safety for his experiments, to which Rick just replies with"fine." After Rick's reply, she asks him if he means "fine like getting into his car and never returning".

This gives us a clear picture of how things happened. Rick probably endangered either Beth or the whole family, Beth's mother got pissed and started quarreling with Rick, at which point, after so many quarrels, just says fine and leaves them, returning 20 years later.

3. There is a pink and blue alien in every Interstellar or multiversal episode of 'Rick and Morty'

See that pink alien with the blue mouth right here, well he is not a one-off zany character they just drew into this episode. This unnamed alien has appeared in numerous episodes, standing behind someone or in the line to somewhere.

On the pilot he can be seen standing in the line at the intergalactic customs, on the 'Ricksy Business' episode, he appears twice, once standing behind Morty while he speaks with Rick, and once while looking at Jessica with the other stunned crowd. On the 'Mortynight Run' episode, he appears walking down the hall at the Blitz and Chitz arcade and on the episode 'The Wedding Squanchers' he appears behind the Smiths as they are returning to Earth. I couldn't find anything on this alien, or why he appears so frequently on the show, the fact is, he is there. Whether he is just a throwaway Easter Egg or an important character, still remains to be seen.

2. A lot of the aliens on the show are based on genitals and/or excrement

When creating the aliens for Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon had some obvious inspirations. Some of the most famous of these inspirations are genitals and turds. While the Zigerions are based on testicles and Blin Blam is based on a penis, the most prominent races of genitals/turd inspired aliens are the sentient life forms appearing on the 'The Ricks must be crazy' episode. In the episode, the race that evolved inside Rick's Microverse battery was inspired by penises, the race that evolved in Zeep's Miniverse were inspired by Sperm and the race that evolved in the Sperm scientist's Tineeverse were inspired by turds.

1. Squanchy and Bird Person might still be alive

First of all - Spoiler Alert.

During the Season 2 finale 'Wedding Squanchers', Rick had to witness his best friend, Bird Person, being murdered in cold blood by his wife Tammy. His other best friend Squanchy was left behind to hold the intergalactic police off until Rick and his family escaped. By the end of the episode Bird Person is considered dead and Squanchy is missing in action. There is still hope though.

In the Instagram game, 'Rick and Morty Rickstarverse', you can zoom into the prison where Rick is held. If you look hard enough inside you can find two monitors that both show the files of both Bird Person and Squanchy, in a similar way Rick had his crimes listed to him during his prosecution. This could be just a simple Easter Egg or a nod to the audience that Rick's best friends are still alive and well.

Well not that well, probably in prison, but they're still alive.

Note: I know that the game is not part of the series and technically should not be mentioned in this article, but I believe that the possible survival of two fan favorite characters was important enough to be included.


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