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Lately, we have been getting a lot of posts about how Felicity Smoak from ARROW and how she will take the wheelchair and take a similar role to that of Oracle in the series, but before that happens, I wanted to take a minute to appreciate the original Oracle and Batgirl, Barbara Gordon!

Now I knew some people have been waiting for this post, so here it is!

Barbara is the daughter of Commissioner Gordon and majors in computer sciences. her career as the infamous batgirl was tragically stopped by joker in one of the most famous panels of comic books.

But that did not stop her. She later on continued as Oracle, the voice in Batman's mask, the brilliant hacker and leader of the birds of prey.

So now lets get to the juicy stuff!

1. The disability: a character development or a fancy plot twist?

originally, batgirl's tragic trauma was supposed to be used as a plot twist to increase the tension between Batman and Joker to use as a character development for Batman and not Barbara. that soon changed after the popularity of Barbara greatly increase after the incident.

2. Oracle was rarely ever on the big screen

When you count all Barbara's appearances in animation, movies, and TV, you will come to the result that she appeared as Batgirl 11 more times than oracle! The oracle trophy goes to Dina Meyer, who played Oracle on the TV show Birds of Prey.

3. So many people - one name!

All the following people have token on the name of Batgirl! Betty Kane, Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain, and Stephanie Brown! They have all eventually turned to the different identities of Flamebird, Oracle, Huntress, an alternate batgirl, and the spoiler!

4. Secret identity equals total nerd?

Barbara's secret identity job was originally a librarian, but not any librarian. Because of her degree in library science (yeah that is a thing) she got to become the head librarian of entire Gotham city!

5. A future baby?

You remember the amazing underrated series batman beyond? Well, after it cancelled, DC decided to bring it back with it's very own comic book. In that line, Barbara actually had a baby with Bruce Wayne himself!

So these are my amazing 5 facts about Batgirl! Hope you liked this article! make sure to check out my other top facts about DC females here


Which DC heroine should I make my next post about?


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