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Last year Marvel teamed up with the internet streaming superstar Netflix to bring us two of the greatest superhero shows ever made. Daredevil and Jessica Jones both broke new ground as the Marvel Universe unveiled it's dark and gritty side, finally combating the notion that Marvel is just for laughs. However, one question that has constantly come up is if we will ever see these small screen heroes make their ways into the larger universe and stand alongside the likes of Captain America and Iron Man. Some would argue that it would be impossible to bring these TV-MA characters to a PG-13 world, forcing them to lose some of the darker characteristics they can show in their Netflix series. Others, however, would argue that the characters need to be further integrated into the Universe and deserve to be up on the big screen. So the big question is...

Will We See the Defenders in the Movies?

The short and simple answer is yes. To many it seems as if Marvel is establishing heroes within the Netflix series to make their transition to the big screen easier, being able to have the character appear on screen without any explanation needed as to who this new hero is. By having the character already established within the universe, it allows the movie creators to easily include them in a movie without the need for extra backstory scenes that would make the movie longer.

We know the within the next couple of years we'll see another season of Daredevil (coming out in March), the premiere of Luke Cage, a shot at Iron Fist, and a finally a crossover series titled Marvel's Defenders which will feature all four of our tittle heroes teaming up to save New York (again). We also might see additional seasons of any show before the crossover happens.

When Will the Defenders Show Up in the Movies?

The most likely answer to this question would be in the next Avengers movie titled Infinity Wars. Whether they will show up in the first part, the second part, or both is yet to be seen, but a recent interview with the Russo Brothers (directors of Winter Soldier, Civil War, and the Infinity Wars) gives us some plausible evidence that this will be the movie that will bring all of the heroes under one roof, so to speak.

Within the comic books, which the movie is loosely based on, Daredevil and his fellow Defenders, are important components of the fight between Earth's Mightiest heroes and Thanos. In their interview with, the Russo's stated "People will not be disappointed in the amount of characters in the movie." Together, those few bits of information point towards a definite yes to bringing the television stars into the bigger cinematic universe.

Who Else Can We Expect to See?

Of course we can expect the return of some key Avengers, such as Iron Man, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, etc. As well as the new characters Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. But we can also expect to see the Guardians of the Galaxy make their way into a connected Marvel Universe. With the inclusion of Thanos in the Guardians of the Galaxy, it makes perfect sense to include them in the big fight against the purple alien. The story line of Infinity War, according to the comics, follows the Earth bound heroes fighting against evil doppelgangers as the cosmic heroes face off against Thanos.

The Cosmic Nature of Infinity Wars

The Russo Brothers helmed the grounded and realistic Captain America sequels, so taking the concept of the intergalactic battle and applying the same tone might seem like a challenge. But fear not, the Russo brothers are ready for that challenge. In the interview the Russo brothers commented

We're just going to approach the cosmic side with the same fervor that we did the earthbound work we've been doing. We also are going to work really hard to bring a psychological realism. We obviously can't bring a naturalism to it because it doesn't really exist outside of science fiction, but we can bring that psychological realism to it, to the characters, and that's going to be our focus.


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