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Okay. . . In Star Wars The Force Unleashed, starkiller is Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Starkiller was between the dark side and the light. ( Snoke chose kylo ren because he was between the dark side and the light. ) Snoke believes that the most powerful people are the ones who weild the dark and light side of the force. In force unleashed, starkiller is pretty powerful in the star wars galaxy. Snoke is also referenced as "wise" and powerful in the galaxy . Starkiller is heavily damaged because his fight with Palpatine . (Starkiller ends up wearing a mask because of the damage. ) Starkiller was also getting training from yoda . Starkiller didn't know where he stood, if he was dark or light. In Star Wars episode VII the new deathstar is named starkiller base. The force awakens and the force unleashed sound similar . Right? Maybe that's a nod to the game. Snoke was confirmed to be obsessed with the Skywalker family. ( Maybe this is why snoke had kylo slaughter young jedi just like anakin in episode III. Maybe he wanted to see if Kylo could do it better than his former master. ) In the force unleashed, starkiller's love interest was an Empire-then-turned-rebels pilot possibly in the Rouge unit. the next movie is called star wars rogue one coming out this year. Felicity Jones main charater could be Juno Eclipse from Force Unleashed. Maybe this is a Force Unleashed based movie that has the origins of Snoke (possibly Starkiller.) Also on the set of rogue one, all the actors signed their characters names on a poster. One of the characters was named starkiller. Rogue One takes place just a little before episode IV, which is referred as the rise of the empire in force unleashed. Darth Vader is rumored for this movie. This also means it's before Luke's time as a Jedi.(Starkiller tried to assassinate Luke in force unleashed. ) Snoke wants to stop Rey before she becomes strong as the former Skywalkers. He fears that Rey could turn on her friends just like vader turned him several times. Snoke does not want the Skywalker family to have full control, he knows what they are capable, from his experience with vader.


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