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We have seen the early return of Supergirl on January 4th but we still have The Flash and Arrow coming back this month, with DC's Legends of Tomorrow and Lucifer premiering as well!

Note: Gotham will not be reviewed in this article as there is no premier date listed. Also, as Supergirl has already returned, it will not be reviewed as well but check out fan theories here on Moviepilot!

Let's start with the show that left us in one hell of a cliff hanger!

Arrow: Returns January 20th on The CW!

To remind you, our cliff hanger saw Felicity shot with Oliver holding her leaving all viewers to wonder... was Felicity the one in the grave that we saw at the start of the season?

Who is in the grave?
Who is in the grave?

In the last month, we have seen plenty of breakdowns on who is in the grave... is it Felicity? Is it someone else? Who knows! If you want to know more... read this!

Alright! Moving on! What can we expect in the return of this season?

1. An explanation on what happened to Felicity. I could go on about the possible Oracle-related story line or how she is in the grave... but I will leave it up in the air for you to think about! If you have theories, comment below!

2. Oliver's son! What will happen with him this season? While I am sure we won't be seeing plenty of Daddy-Oliver, we can be sure that a scene or two will occur!

3. A Darhk hunt! What will Oliver do? Darhk had Felicity shot but what will happen when Oliver finds out about Darhk's family?

4. Anarky! - To learn more about him, check out his page on the DC Wiki!

And for your viewing, the mid-season premier trailer!

The Flash: Returns January 19th on The CW!

Alright, so this one is full of easter eggs!

1. Harrison 'Harry' Wells says "Barry Allen... they call him the fastest man alive, he is not!" - Is Harry going to work with Zoom?

2. We clearly see Patty Spivot be taken by Zoom, what does this mean... well onto the next point!

3. The team is going to Earth 2! Is this to save Patty? Safe bet to say yes which brings to question, will Patty join team Flash? I hope so!

4. Jay says "Up is down, black is white." Does this mean when they go back, Jay gets his powers back and Barry loses his? Can only one of them have their powers on each Earth?

5. Earth 2 has a lot in store... The Reverse Flash!!!!!! Eobard Thawne is back! You know what that means... where is Eddie? Let the love triangle begin!

6. We see what appears to be Earth 2 Iris West and Earth 2 Barry Allen share a romantic moment?

7. Killer Frost? Looking pretty epic too! Is this the Killer Frost we saw at the end of Season 1? Or is Caitlin Snow still going to go bad on us?

8. A Barry-Zoom face off yet again! Will Barry win this time?

At that, I will leave you to take a look at the trailer:

DC's Legends of Tomorrow!

For this one, I will simply leave you with the trailer. I could explain theories, but as we haven't seen the team dynamic and where they are going to go... I would rather enjoy the trailer than speculate about a world of time travel that we know nothing about! Cheers!


Yet another great show from Fox! This is from DC Comics's Vertigo imprint. Take a look at the trailer below:

Lucifer premiers January 25th on Fox!


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What are you looking forward to? Comment Below!


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