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Hello, this article is just to update you that Dragon Ball Super episode 26 is now out. At the moment only the raw version is available. The subbed version should be available within a couple of hours. Check the description I will try to attach a link to the episode with or without the subs. I am going to give a short summary type review. SO, SPOILER ALERTS!

The episode didn’t have too much happening. Following the main story of resurrection F. So, since we already know the story there was not much of suspense. Last episode ended with Frieza getting the upper hand. It continued for a while in the beginning. Then, most probably Vegeta was asking for his turn. But, Goku seeks some more time and it looks like Vegeta urged him to be serious and informed him about Frieza’s weakness. Apparently, Goku was holding back all these times probably as a strategy to drain Frieza’s stamina. Because, when he powered up he absolutely overpowered Frieza. Goku didn’t even bother to dodge Frieza’s attack. Like, he just stands and takes a punch right in the face. Which however had no impact on him. This is kind of illogical. Because, basically Frieza lost his stamina not strength and showing him this weak just wasn’t right and not too interesting. The fight overall wasn’t really too great. For instance one of the best moments in the movie was the one inch punch used by Goku as a tribute to Bruce Lee. And they had to take it out. I mean come one who the fuck wants to take out the moment everyone loved! Damn it! I am not even sure how they made all these changes.


They made one major change which I actually liked! In the movie when Sorbet laser shot Goku he was in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form. But, this time when Frieza was like helpless and in the ground Goku powered down to his base form. And when the laser shot hit him he was in his base form. The fact that he lost concentration was properly highlighted. This is where the episode ended. So, most probably Frieza saga will end on the next episode. And I am not expecting any major alteration from the movie.

Coming to the animation quality it wasn’t too great. But, there’s one thing we have to consider. It’s that we are watching this raw version. While most of us saw Dragon Ball Z in the refined and dubbed version. They already corrected a lot of sloppy frames on their DVD release and I believe we will get better animation on the refined dubbed version. It’s not like that they can’t produce good quality animation. Because, animation quality in the resurrection F movie was top notch; I think it couldn’t have been better.

Okay, that’s all. I'll post updates about both the manga and anime series of Dragon Ball Super. Be in touch.

Sleep Well, Dream Dragon Ball.

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