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Let's start by saying this is based on more than just physical appearance (but mainly physical appearance). It is impossible not to judge actors/actresses on their appearance, add that with the hyper-critical mass of comic book fans - and you have a recipe of how to hurt someone's feelings. When Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, their was an immediate backlash. One would think that it was because her lack of experience - but people complained that she was too skinny. Everyone has their own personal preference of what beauty looks like. This is an article designated to mix characteristics with the all mighty primal attraction that devours our existence.

Throughout the duration of this article, the only rule is that the celebrity must currently be playing a superhero. I really do hope that Mrs. Gadot knocks Wonder Woman out of this galaxy! I will present the superheroes and at the end I will announce my picks for most attractive superhero(ine). Enjoy!

Steve Rogers 'Captain America' - Chris Evans

Steve Rogers is more than human, and his pecs are proof of that alone. Captain America is the voice of the little guy, and his loyalty to Bucky is admirable. He looks similar to his comic book counterpart, and and 'A' on his helmet stands for more than just America. (What I mean is any patriot of their country can empathize with Steve.)

Matt Murdock 'Daredevil' - Charlie Cox

Go ninja, go ninja, go
Go ninja, go ninja, go

Charlie Cox in Daredevil season one represented a minority group, and brought justice to Hell's Kitchen. Foggy Nelson had every right to be jealous of this scarlet do-gooder! The only question surrounding Mr.Murdock, will he fall once more for Elektra?

Natasha Romanov 'Black Widow' - Scarlet Johannson

I would be crazy not to include Ms.Romanov on this list of most attractive superheroes. As Black Widow, she could kill practically any man, EVER! Will she betray Tony, and show her allegiance is with Cap? Will she sulk after the Hulk? My curiosity is more than piqued for Civil War! (Minds out of the gutter people!)

Felicity Smoak, Arrow - Emily Bett Rikards

I do not want to hear that she's not a superhero! She has the most mad computer skills on television, and she is one of the funniest characters on the TV! I do admit in season three of Arrow, her cry-talking 'Oliver' was extremely annoying. She is absolutely awesome, and I hope that she will walk again, after the events of Arrow.

Oliver Queen 'Green Arrow' - Stephen Amell

Did you really think that Oliver would not make this list? He started off completely awesome in season one and now he is actually smiling. The actor that plays him is a class act. I have been watching Arrow since the start, so expect at least one more name on this list!

Clark Kent 'Superman' - Henry Cavill

He is the best thing to ever come out of Kansas. The boy scout looks absolutely the part of Kal-El, and I cannot wait for his upcoming movie. Do I really need to say more?

Thea Queen 'Speedy' - Willa Holland

She was very whiny in the early offerings of Arrow - and since developed into one of the best parts of the Justice League on TV. She has easily one of the best tracking shots of the year. Her relationship with Malcolm Merlyn is one of the highlights of the show!

Jessica Jones - Krysten Ritter

She blew all of our minds in November, for her portrayal of a badass, who was trying to escape her past. Her scenes with a Mr.Cage, left a lasting memory. She overcame the odds, and become one of the best things in 2015!

Thor - Chris Hemsworth

Okay, this list would not be complete without this Norse god! I thought there was no way that I was going to enjoy the character 'Thor'. I was wrong - he is funny,sweet,cool and I cannot wait for the apocalypse in Thor: Ragnarok!

Diana Prince 'Wonder Woman' - Gal Gadot

Ms. Prince has not even hit theaters and she all ready has a place on this list. I cannot believe it took till 2016 for Wonder Woman to have her day in cinemas. She landed a recent Gucci endorsement and I for one cannot wait until 2017 for her solo movie!

Kara Danvers ' Supergirl' - Melissa Benoist

She soar onto television in the fall of 2015, and has steadily been gaining momentum. I love how the show manages to show all the different emotions that encapsulates a young woman's life. This show is getting better and better, especially with the inclusion of someone green!

Barry Allen 'Flash' - Grant Gustin

He sped into being the best superhero show on television (sorry Daredevil, Jessica Jones) and with the introduction of Zoom, who knows what is going to happen? He is very likable,and also very funny. It was either him or Cisco Ramon, and this was a tough call.

Luke Cage - Mike Colter

Smoldering much? He was every bit as awesome in Jessica Jones as I imagined. He is a different kind of superhero - as in he did not want to be a superhero in Jessica Jones! I still cannot get over his Good Wife character Lamont Bishop, and he makes my list for most anticipated shows of 2016!

Claire Temple - Rosario Dawson

She comes to the rescue, when one of Netflix's heroes need rescuing. She is Rosario 'Freaking' Dawson, and that alone should make her on top of anyone's list!

Should have made it - Roy Harper, Trisch Walker, Caitlin Snow

And the winners are..................

Willa Holland- Gal Gadot could have won if I saw her movie, but Thea Queen is the winner!

Chris Evans- You're the man Cap!


Who do you find most attractive on this list?

Donald you're not on this list!


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