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There have been rumors, requests and hopes of a crossover taking place between powerhouse DCTV shows Supergirl and The Flash for quite some time now. Because both shows are produced by Greg Berlanti and are believed to take place in the same universe (Arrowverse), the idea of a crossover isn't that crazy and it seems quite possible. Even Berlanti himself has stated that he would love for it to happen.

However, there could be issues, as both shows are on different networks, with Supergirl airing on CBS and The Flash & Arrow both airing on The CW. I am writing this article because quite frankly: IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN! Before I begin, let me just say that if this were to happen on Arrow or have the Arrow cast involved, I would be equally as happy. But based on the tone of both shows, the aliens/metahumans and the casts involved, it's clear that a crossover between Supergirl and The Flash would be nothing short of golden television.

The Flash and Supergirl together would be iconic!

Gleeroes: Grant Gustin & Melissa Benoist (Variety)
Gleeroes: Grant Gustin & Melissa Benoist (Variety)

Firstly, it would be iconic. Just as the first ever crossover between Arrow and The Flash enticed us, it was the visuals of seeing both iconic heroes side by side that truly stunned us. That was amazing. It's the same reason everyone is so excited to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice this year: it's the excitement of finally seeing two larger than life figures together on screen. Thus, the same can be said about the potential Supergirl/The Flash crossover. Grant Gustin (The Flash) and Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) have appeared in costume together, alongside Greg Berlanti for a Variety shoot last year and that was an amazing visual. But imagine seeing it come to life on screen.

Imagine seeing Gustin speeding through the streets of National City or Benoist flying through the skies of Central City, putting a stop to whatever villainous faction that brought them together. Or imagine Kara attempting to catch Barry...could she do it? The possibility of two instantly recognisable superheroes in one place, working together is something that simply needs to become a reality.

Barry and Kara

Adorkable: Barry and Kara (CW and CBS)
Adorkable: Barry and Kara (CW and CBS)

Can you just imagine the chemistry? These two would be simply adorable together. Their super nerdiness/awkwardness combined with everything they have in common would steal the show. Both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist are exceptional actors (and singers!). Despite both starring in the same episode of Glee, they never actually interacted. Take a look at Melissa ironically performing 'I Need A Hero'!

Anyway, the cover shoot for Variety magazine literally blew our minds at the possibility of seeing these two on screen together! I mean, while it would be incredible to see them team up as The Flash and Supergirl, just imagine the scenes between them without their costumes/masks. Barry Allen and Kara Danvers would literally be the best thing ever on TV. Their chemistry would be off the chain! I have to hand it to both Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist... they have both delivered fantastic and incredibly likable performances as their heroic counterparts. Furthermore, below their supposed nerdiness, Gustin and Benoist have carved out brilliant emotionally deep characters in Barry and Kara. And because of their similarities, they would gel instantly. Whether it would be as really good friends or perhaps even a short-lived romance, fans would absolutely rejoice at the thought of seeing Barry and Kara together for an episode. I mean it, if we don't see these two characters interact, it would be a totally missed opportunity!

Team Supergirl meets Team Flarrow

Dream Team: Winn, Felicity, Cisco (CBS, The CW)
Dream Team: Winn, Felicity, Cisco (CBS, The CW)

The conversations... oh the conversations. Could you imagine what it would be like if Winn met Felicity or Cisco? These guys together would be a dream team for any superhero. Plus, they would get on so well. Just imagine the heroes being so confused by the conversations. Jeremy Jordan is quite frankly amazing as Winn on Supergirl. For being such a leading man in his other work (Smash, The Last Five Years), he has perfectly slotted himself into the supporting role here as the computer genius, secretly in love with Kara.

Jordan has done a fantastic job at "nerdifying" his character so Melissa Benoist's Kara won't see him as the heartthrob that Katharine McPhee's Karen Cartwright saw him as in Smash. That just highlights his versatility as an actor. Furthermore, Emily Bett Rickards has been superb as Felicity Smoak on Arrow over the last four years (and The Flash in her guest spots).

Felicity has become one of the most beloved characters on TV and is always on hand to save Oliver/the Arrow/The Green Arrow from any trouble. Furthermore, Carlos Valdes has won so much acclaim for Cisco. The character is one of the most enjoyable elements of The Flash and is always on hand to offer a solution to one of Barry's metahuman problems. It would be interesting to see the dynamic between Cisco and Winn. Danielle Panabaker's Caitlin Snow is equally as endearing and it would be interesting to see how she would interact with Winn and Kara. There are so many possibilities... but thanks to these guys... there would be so many solutions!

Confirmation of 'Supergirl's Existence in (Fl)Arrowverse

Courtesy of CBS and The CW
Courtesy of CBS and The CW

For years, many have being claiming how Marvel have trumped DC with their Extended Cinematic Universe. However, quite the opposite could be said about the TV Universe. Over the last few years, DC have literally slayed on TV (but it's ok to love both, right?!) Aside from Arrow and The Flash, DC also had the separate Gotham, the prematurely cancelled Constantine and have now added Supergirl and FlArrow's upcoming sister show Legends of Tomorrow.

So although Gotham will likely remain separate and standalone, Constantine was recently welcomed into the Arrowverse with a guest appearance in an episode of Arrow. Furthermore, Legends of Tomorrow is a spin-off of both Arrow and The Flash with the characters of it having already appeared in this years FlArrow crossover. Plus it's also being developed by the genius that is Greg Berlanti, thus, it's clearly part of the Arrowverse. However, Supergirl is the ambiguous one. The type of show it is shares many similarities with The Flash and it is also executive produced by Gerg Berlanti. Thus, one would assume that Supergirl falls under the Arrowverse umbrella. But we need confirmation. By doing so, DC would unveil the shows' connection and thus, perhaps a connection to future villains debuting on each respective show. Imagine Supergirl going up against Grodd!

Constantine's Appearance in 'Arrow'

Constantine in Arrow (Courtesy of The CW)
Constantine in Arrow (Courtesy of The CW)

This isn't a reason why we NEED a crossover... it's a reason why there SHOULD be one! The different networks may cause a bit of a problem. But this isn't the first time that characters from other shows have jumped across networks. Constantine may have been prematurely and untimely cancelled by NBC last year. But that didn't stop Matt Ryan from appearing on Arrow afterwards, reprising his role as John Constantine. Now yes, I know Constantine was cancelled but that still doesn't change the fact that the show was on a different network. If Constantine can do it... surely Supergirl should be able to?! Now onto the WHY:

Great Exposure for ALL Shows

Heroes: Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash
Heroes: Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash

The Flash made ratings history back in 2014 when in became one of the highest rated premieres in The CW's history, being watched by 4.8 million. The show continues to pull in stellar ratings for the network and helps Arrow increase it's already great ratings during the crossover episodes. On the other hand: last year, Supergirl had the highest premiere for any new show this season, bringing in a stunning 12.96 million viewers!

Should Supergirl crossover with either The Flash or Arrow, her appearances on the incredibly popular CW shows would be great exposure for Supergirl. Officially inducting the character into the Arrowverse would perhaps entice a whole new audience of fans who weren't convinced of her inclusion before.

Furthermore, since a wider audience watch the CBS show, having the Green Arrow or The Flash appear would be incredible exposure for both of The CW shows. Fans of Supergirl who had never watched the other shows could perhaps feel compelled to watch them after being introduced to such infectious characters. Either way, a crossover would be a win-win for both CBS and The CW and should definitely be considered as a very serious option!

So dear DC, CBS, CW and Greg Berlanti: The people want a Crossover between Supergirl and the Arrowverse! Because of the undeniable chemistry (and the superpowers!) that we know they would have, I think it's safe to say that most people want to see Supergirl and The Flash more than anything! It would make for a very entertaining crossover event and could be a lucrative opportunity for everyone involved! Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have appeared together for promotion before and if that can create as much buzz as it did, can you imagine what it would be like if they appeared on screen together in their iconic suits?! The Flash and Supergirl crossover NEEDS to happen!

'Supergirl' airs Mondays on CBS - take a look at the promo for the next episode

'The Flash' returns to The CW January 19th.


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