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Jason Todd was always a interesting character to me. All the way back since I first saw Under The Red Hood he struck me as different from the other Robins, a child with a darker past than those who came before and a much more unique transformation than the others. He just screamed bad-ass.

His version of the Red Hood was a no nonsense anti-hero who didn't let ideals like Batman's 'No Killing Rule' get in the way of his view of justice. He quickly became a favorite comic book character for me and got me more into The Dark Knight's stories, being more of a Superman guy beforehand.

So where did it all start to go south? When did he become a joke among comic book fans when questioning someone's true identity? Well I think this is a good place to start...

The Conclusion Of The Arkham Saga

I wonder who this could be?
I wonder who this could be?

[Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936) was designed to be developer Rocksteady's swansong of the franchise drawing in a large host of elements from the world of Batman including, for the first time, a drive-able Batmobile. While the reception was mixed, depending on platform, overall it was considered a pretty good game.

However, there was one story element that annoyed fans a lot when the game released. The identity of the Arkham Knight. You see, prior to release, the footage shown off of this 'brand new' character showed some all too familiar signs that it was really someone who already existed within Batman canon.

When this familiarity was questioned the developer dismissed it, continuing to claim that this was a new character DC had allowed them to create for the game. The reality though? He was exactly who we thought he was...


It was Jason, essentially the only new part of the character was that it was almost an interlude between his revival and Red Hood stages. Unsurprisingly fans were annoyed that they had been lied to about who he was, while also a little pleased all the comic knowledge paid off.

Now while it didn't necessarily set his joke status in motion. It sure did bring him back to the front of people's minds and set up the idea that he could be the true identity of a character he otherwise hadn't been before. So onward to what was truly the event that set off the starter pistol for the jokes that have cropped up over the internet...

'The Joker Is Jason Todd' DCCU Fan Theory

Not-Traditional? Sure, but so was Ledger
Not-Traditional? Sure, but so was Ledger

Upon the reveal of Jared Leto's Joker, fans were divided. Some thought he will fit well into the style of the Cinematic Universe that is being established while others found his appearance completely wrong and not what they had hoped for at all. Either way this is the new look for Batman's Arch-Nemesis.

It's not quite clear exactly where the first theory relating to his true identity as Jason Todd surfaced. With some coming from this site, Reddit and other blog and news based outlets. The evidence used in these theories was arguably quite good. With even minor details like scars matching damage marks on the Robin suit that is on display as seen in the Dawn Of Justice Trailer.

For some though, these theories seemed like a shot in the dark and that the writers were grasping at straws to make these theories sound plausible. Which until we get some kind of reveal in Dawn of Justice or Suicide Squad marketing will have to be the way it stays.

It was this moment when the joke started to take proper shape, as people began to see these theories as wild assumptions to a character's identity, that could simply be the person they are meant to be. With Todd becoming a comedic scapegoat of sorts, an inevitable moment I suppose.

This naturally began to cross into other properties, with people joking that such mysterious characters as Supreme Leader Snoke from the latest Star Wars movie was actually Todd (prior to release), leading to a now growing spin-off Boba Fett joke taking similar form.

While the joke may die off after we finally get a good look at Leto's Joker in action, it looks like it will be here to stay until at least then.


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