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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is the newest film in the Star Wars saga, and my third favorite one by far. J.J Abrams put so much work into this film its incredible what he did with it, Daisy Ridley blew me away with her incredible performance, not only her acting but her character was interesting, John Boyega was great as Finn, Oscar Isaac was so good as Poe Dameron, I liked his character. It was also really cool to see some old stars back like Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher. Another thing that blew me away was the cinematography, this was a beautifully shot film.

Rey is an incredible character, I cant wait to see what they do with her character in the next film, it will be interesting to see what bloodline she comes from, and Daisy Ridely portrays her incredibly. Finn is another character who was very interesting, John Boyega brings the charm and comic relief that Jar Jar tried to bring, but failed terribly. Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron was cool, I think they could make his character be a sort-of like Han Solo character in the future. A character who didn't really stand out to much was Captain Phasma, they could have done so much with her, her armor and gun looks really cool, but they did not really explore her character to much, and i think they can do that in future installments. Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux was one of my favorite Star Wars character thus far, he is basically the Grand Moff Tarkin of this film, and it was so cool to see that Kylo Ren is not as ruling as Darth Vader, he is powerful, but General Hux is not so afraid of him. Kylo Ren is so menacing and incredible, Adam Driver is great as the villain of this film. Also, I liked Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke, although his character did look like something from the Clone Wars cartoon. BB-8 is also a character in really liked, he was cool and they made him funny and I liked that, I even have a BB-8 shirt. One thing that i noticed was that they changed C-3PO's voice to sound more un-realistic, they even made it sound more realistic in the prequels. I wish R2-D2 had a much bigger part in the film, it felt like his character was there for fan service, unless he was there for longer. Finally, Maz Kanata, her character looked a bit fake, although she is a pretty interesting character.

The film is filled with out of this world visual effects, visual effects that can only be possible in a galaxy far far away. It's also filled with pure action and an interesting concept. I liked that there was not an overuse of CGI in this movie, they used puppets for several creatures and that was cool, with the exception of Maz Kanata and Supreme Leader Snoke, the motion capture was good (I mean the movements and all) but it looked fake, but that does not take off to much from the film.

As soon as the opening scrawl came up, people including myself were cheering like crazy. Harrison Ford as Han Solo was awesome, he played a bigger role in this film that in any others, it was also cool to see him and Carrie Fisher's chemistry, also speaking of Fisher, she is amazing, still a beautiful lady, and Carrie Fisher still has the great acting skills that she had in the Original trilogy.

Visually stunning, action packed, bringing back the old and filling it with new and improved, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a very welcome return to form to the franchise, and the best one since The Empire Strikes Back. If you are a die-hard fan, you will find much enjoyment, but not only that, this movie will convert non-fans of the franchise to love it. J.J Abrams, you did not disappoint!

Score: 10/10


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