ByNathan Tinman, writer at
Nathan Tinman

If you've not seen the new Star Wars Film please leave, watch and then come back. Its pretty obvious by now that you've guessed spoilers are coming!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is prefectly summed up in this one image.
It shows a new Villain looking down upon his predecessor, seeking guidence, yet looking down with disapointment upon how he failed to complete his task.

This can be seen as "The Force Awakens" looking back at what came before to help push the franchise forward, the same way Kylo Ren looks down at the Destroyed Helmet of Darth Vader to try and imbrace the Darkside and ignore the Light and fufill what he was told by Supreme Leader Snoke.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is truly deserving of the Title "Episode VII" in every way and I cannot wait for the future of Star Wars, through Episode's VIII & IX. Including the Anthology Films, "Rogue One", a Han Solo Movie & a Boba Fett Movie also. Star Wars is back, and its back with a roar!

May The Force Be With You All.


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