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I finally saw The Force Awakens, and it was awesome. Harrison Ford was brilliant as always as Han Solo, and BB-8 was adorable. My favorite character in the film was Rey, who is also one of the biggest mysteries of the new movies, with the question of who are her parents. Like everyone I have come up with a theory as to the identity of Rey's parents, and here it is.

The Father

First, the easy part. I believe that Luke Skywalker is indeed Rey's father. Kathleen Kennedy stated that The Star Wars episodic films are about The Skywalker Family Saga. This means that one of the new lead characters needs to be a Skywalker. It is impossible that Leia and Han could be Rey's parents. If they were we would know it now and I wouldnt be writing this article. There for Rey has to be the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

The Mother

Look at this picture of Rey. What is that beside her? It is the helmet of an X-Wing fighter pilot. It isnt Luke's, but it still could belong to Rey's mother. The helmet belongs to and X-Wing pilot named Dosmit Raeh. Rey never actually met Dosmit Raeh and she hasn't been seen in any other Star Wars movies. My first theory was that Dosmit Raeh could be Rey's mother. Maybe Luke and Dosmit got together after the battle of Endor and had a child, which was Rey. Maybe Felicity Jones is portraying Dosmit Raeh in Rogue One. I thought of this because the article for Dosmit Raeh on Wookieepedia is listed as an article that contains major spoilers . This isnt a legitimate reason for her to be Rey's mom but I would think that Rey's mother would be major spoilers. The other part of this is the helmet is very important to Rey, other wise why the hell would she have it. Dosmit Raeh might not be Rey's mother however. Rey could have just found Dosmit Raeh's helmet in a wrecked ship and kept it because she thought it was cool and she could identify the old owner. If Dosmit Raeh is not Rey's mother I have another theory as to who is. Felicity Jones will be playing Rey's mother. Felicity Jones and Daisy Ridley( who plays Rey) bare some physical resemblance to eachother.

Felicity Jones's character seems like she will be pretty important to the Rebellion, considering that she is helping to steal the Death Star plans in Rogue One. I would think that her character, possibly named Lyra Erso, would have come into contact with Luke Skywalker. Also Luke probably wouldnt have had much trouble attracting the ladies after he destroyed the fucking Death Star. Maybe Lyra developed a crush on Luke and after Luke learned that Leia was his sister he started looking for other girls and maybe the other girl was Felicity Jones's character. Also Luke probably had Rey because he needed to remake the Jedi Order and the easiest way to do that is to raise a force sensetive child or children in the ways of the Jedi and Luke would be passing his Force sensetive genes down to his daughter.

So that is my theory on Rey's parents. Let me know what you think in the comments section or by completing the poll, or writing your own article on the topic.


Who are Rey's parents?


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