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As you all know at the D23 Expo, Pixar has just announced the arrival of 6 new movies such as The Good dinosaur (already out), Finding Dory, Toy Story 4, Coco, Cars 3 and one in particular that I'm deeply excited for: The Incredibles 2.

The Incredibles was one of my favourite movies back when i was a kid, and i still love the movie today. I mean lets face it, we need a book load of information about the new villain, The UnderMiner. There is no doubt that Brad Bird will make a good detailed villain, because Syndrome had to be Pixars best villain. When The Incredibles 2 comes out in 2019, it will be 15 years since the first Incredibles movie was released, gee, I guess you can say pixar was 15 YEARS TOO LATE, I'm funny.

What Pixar also need to do is give the youngest Parr, Jack-Jack, more screen time to show off his powers as he only got to show them while taking Syndrome down. Im not sure but The Incredibles might continue on from where they stopped, which was from where the UnderMiner attacked, or what Pixar might do is go into the future where Violet is a young adult, Dash is a teenager and Jack-Jack is a little boy. What we also need is more Frozone, because HES THE GREATEST GOOD WE EVER GONNA GET.


What was your Favourite Pixar film


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