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The holiday season has come to an end and it's time to welcome back some of our favorite DC shows such as Arrow, The Flash, and new show Legends of Tomorrow. It's going to be great getting back with our favorite teams and seeing what has happened since the cliffhangers of the mid-season finales.


Let's talk about Arrow. We left off with Oliver and Felicity being fired at by H.I.V.E. resulting in the "death" of Felicity Smoak. The reason why there are quotations around death is because we know she doesn't actually die. We all knew that she would never stay dead as much as a lot of us wanted her to. Now, according to this Australian promo, it is official that she is not dead, but there is something else. Watch the trailer below:

"The damage to her spinal cord is permanent. She's never going to walk again."

It is always the CW to spoil the episode in their previews. I really don't understand why the CW always does this. They are not going to gain a bigger audience by spoiling the episodes in their previews because someone who has never watched Arrow isn't going to watch this and want to go watch the episode next week. Anyways, Felicity is crippled and is going to be in a wheelchair, just like another DC comics character, Oracle.

How Do We Know?

There is actually a lot of evidence behind this as its not just a crazy theory. One is that in the picture above, we see the bullet hole is at her spinal cord, paralyzing her. This also brings Felicity's character into a new direction for the rest of the season. The show will deal with the PTSD of the attack rather than moving on after the shooting after one episode and forgetting it ever happened. Felicity will have a lot of nightmares and flashbacks of the shooting and it could possibly scare her away from the action for an episode or two and Team Arrow will realize how much they need Felicity.

Also, Arrow steals a lot of comic lore from Batman, so making Felicity the Oracle would make sense. One of the episode titles from last season was 'Oracle' but was changed to 'The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak.' The Arrow writers have always been planning to make Felicity take on the code name of 'Oracle'. Were expecting to learn Felicity’s code name in Arrow Season 4, episode 11 and that the code name will have an A in it, which Oracle does. On top of all of this, there was a video posted to Instagram of little Sara Diggle playing in a wheelchair on set. There is evidence piled on top of some more evidence.

Will Felicity Stay in the Wheelchair?

Just like Barbara Gordon did in the comics, the answer is no. With the help from Team Flash and Palmer Tech, they will find a way to make Felicity walk again. Ray Palmer could use his nano-bots to do the surgery. The world of Arrow has magic and higher tech than our world and Team Arrow has their hands on all of it. Felicity will be in a wheelchair for a few episodes until there is a surgery to make her walk again.

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