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Have you ever wondered what your favorite movie genre says about your personality ?

The movies we watch, take us on a journey, away from all the ups, downs and stresses of daily life. We lose ourselves and become engulfed in part of the movie. We can experience many different thoughts and emotions during a good film.

There are four basic movie genres. Action, Comedy,, Drama and Horror.There are also sub genres like Science Fiction, Thrillers, Crime, Mystery ect.Most movies are pretty much based on, but not limited to, freedom, love, power and the supernatural. So the majority of the time, these sub genres are mixed in with the five basic movie genres, so the viewer can almost get engulfed by such a movie experience.

It is of course, your choice of the type of movie you would like to see, But according to psychologists, the final choice of what movie genre you are about to see, is a combination of your personal nature and state of mind you are in at the time of choosing. To make it simpler, it depends on your mood.

Lets start with the most popular of the movie genres.

# 1 Comedy

This is the most popular, Comedy is always a hit by young and old a like.

We all have ups and downs throughout our lives. But we can obtain a temperary relief from stressers we deal with daily. Like the saying goes " laughter is the best medicine.

The people that are happy and dont take life to seriously, prefer the genre of comedy. Women and people who are single are drawn to this genre more than any others.

# 2 Action

The Action genre gives its viewers some what of an adrenaline rush. The movie goers are drawn into the film, connecting with the hero and the theme that prevails during the course of the film.

If the Action genre is your favorite you are more than likely to be adventurous, bold, out spoken, out going and definitely a go getter.

# 3 Horror

This genre is my all time favorite. The movie viewers who would rate this genre # 1 such as myself,, love these films because it is away from the norm.

The Horror genre, love to test our threshold of fear.Viewers get excited to know there is something unknown just waiting around the corner. And most of the time we can start relating to this so called boogey man, if you will.

So far all that the psychologists have been able to determine about us Horror buffs is that we could be soft or hard hearted. And we love to push our boundries, evenif it does scare us to death !

# 4 Drama

The Drama genre is really not my thing, but the majority of people who view films that are in this category are women and more mature adiences. Psychologists have also noted that the viewers who prefer Drama over Action and Comedy, can be quite emotional and sensitive. They also prefer litature over films.

But what it all really boils down to is each persons preference to a paticular movie genre, sheds some light on a little portion of our personality, beliefs, imaginations and just plain old curiosity.

So, which genre do you prefer ?

A big thanks to Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic PH.D from psychology today


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