ByKathy Bradford, writer at

Reason why we should have a season 3 is because it had a huge variety and franchise even bigger than the justice league. I think so because I have so many questions 1. The series itself

You see in season 1 we had aqualad,robin,kid flash,superboy,miss Martian and artemis. This season turned out to be better than I thought than I became addicted to the series number 2. Red hood

If we have a season 3 of young justice we have to have red hood not because I want to but because It needs a little conflict and climax to the series and the light has to return which I'm pretty sure he will only join just to hurt batman and it would be really cool to see one of the most coolest DC characters of all time number 3. Darkseid

As far as I'm concerned darkseid is obviously confirmed for young justice season 3. I'm pretty sure like in the justice league he will be in important episode or when he is needed


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