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Set in the wondrous borough of Manhattan in 2013, Shelley, (Lady Gaga) one of three of the last living decendants of the witches burned at stake with a promising future leaves her hometown Salem in a quest to pursue her dream of being an entertainer. What better audience is there than the people of NYC? Alone in a big city with close to no money she comes across Splash (A Gay Night Club) where she meets Blair (Dennis O'Harre) the owner of the club who is instantly mesmerized by her seeming naive presence and hires her in an attempt to revive his business. Intrigued by her charm Blair quickly discovers the darkness in Shelley and forms an inseparable bond with her making her his star performer. Her endless beauty and unpredictable wardrobe and big presence quickly attracts crowds earning the club a great deal of business. The business becomes too much for the duo and they decide to recruit some new talent, a couple of dancers, some new acts & bar tenders. Shane (Emma Roberts) walks in with her manager Glory (Jessica Lange) a Shark and Well Known Talent Agent in NYC come along for what seems like an addition but the duo has a history of performing witchcraft. As the duo spends more time in the club a series terrifying events take place. A Dancer discovers a hidden room through a mirror in the dressing room and is stunned by his findings, Stage production workers are brutally injured, customers begin to disappear and all these events are unexplained. As the business reaches in all time the club experiences countless blood baths. Unaware of the causes the staff of the club goes into a panic until a dancer by the name of John (Peter Evans) law student by day uncovers the origins of Glory & Shane and discovers that they the last two living decendants of the four witches burned at stake during the Salem Witch Hunt. When the duo discovers they've been figured out by John they conjure spirits sending them after him ultimately killing him. Amid his death John leaves clues in the form of premonition revealing the identity of Glory & Shane and how to bring the duo to their demise.


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