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David Marmolejo

Directed By: Christopher McQuarrie

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames

It's official: Tom Cruise is the greatest action hero of our time. Well my time. After 4 Mission Impossible Films one would think it would be time to give it up, to stop rehashing an excellent first film (part two never existed... sort of) Part three was a great comeback and after a hiatus Ghost Protocol was an excellent fourth installment, no one could think another film can top that, certainly the outsider group feel to the IMF and Ethan Hunt, and excellent stunts in Dubai, with the tallest building in the world, and a new ragtag group of friends would be the standard of Mission Impossible films, but with Brad Bird it was a high standard. Next up the mantle was Christopher McQuarrie. An odd name to most, but this is the man that bestowed us with the classic "The Usual Suspects", Co Wrote "Edge of Tomorrow", and has worked with Tom Cruise in "Jack Reacher". But with every victory you have defeats such as being a Co-Writer for "The Tourist" and "Jack the Giant Slayer". Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, cascades Mr. McQuarrie into Cinema Fame.

So what Exactly can top a building climb frenzy scene you might ask? Well Tom Cruise flailing on the side of jumbo carrier of course! A real stun that certainly was. An that's how the beginning of the film starts. A mission to capture nukes, all goes well, Hunt and Co. make another attempt at saving the world, but according to the CIA, IMF should no longer exist. Ethan Hunt becomes on the run from Intel of the Rogue Nation, which is an opposite IMF establishment set to destroy good.

This is a spy movie, a cat and mouse game and a very superb way of doing so. Nothing flashy, nothing over the top incredibly, but with excellent motion of chases, mind games, assassinations, damsel not in distress, this is a film of pure Cinema achievement: That it is truly a fun time. That it takes you out of the real world and makes you feel like a spy if you ever dreamed of it when you were a kid. I certainly did not think that when I was little, I wanted to be Batman. Kids can dream sue me. Point being after many years of Mission Impossible Films and the adventures Ethan Hunt had to overcome to save the world, he knocks it out right of the park again, and creates another well executed chapter into the Mission Impossible Saga. As humorous as it was, as bold as it dreamed, and as sinister as the movie made you feel gut wrenched, shocked, and full of wonder, Rogue Nation has become a top favorite of mine in 2015 and should definitely be in the books as one of the top films of the 2010's. A strong cast, led by Tom Cruise make excellent dialogue and form to create a story as great as it was, mixing with great cinematography and wide shots of the countries visited by the IMF, excellent direction by McQuarrie one could not ask for a better shot back into Ethan's Hunt daily life.

As great as it was it had its small pinches of tweaking that it could have done. As good as the game of chess can be exceptionally livid, it was a bit on the long side of enjoyment. Easily they could have knocked of about 15 or 20 minutes of scenes and conversation that could have been left out. Moments in theater where I would think "Ok guys lets wrap this up for some stealthy excitement" As much as they want to milk all the juicy literate flows out, it seemed as in a percentage scale it was 65% conversating and 35% Exquisite frazzle dazzle. Which sometimes can be a good balance given the situation (any Tarentino Film), but with the Villain as conniving and malicious he turned out to be, was only in film time for 5 minutes all together. A shame for a good villain that we do not see in most movies nowadays that stick out as a better disaster to our rooting heroes, but nevertheless small details can not bring that such a spectacular film.

A top form film for Tom Cruise, a ravishing chapter in Mission Impossible, if Cruise does another installment, can it top the likes of Rogue Nation or even Ghost Protocol, its doable, but who so dare challenges McQuarrie to bring a better surge into this reviving tale of spy, wit, action, and good old cinema fashion fun? Maybe Cruise has something up his sleeve, and for that I cannot wait!


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