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"NOOO! IT CAN'T HAPPEN!!" Is probably what your thinking. SAME HERE. So, I decided to try and figure out some stuff myself. In Weirdmageddon part two, Stan is seen at the end (HE HAS 10 GUNS AND HE USES A BAT TO DEFEND HIMSELF IN THE APOCALYPSE. wow.), along with others, like Grenda, Fiddleford, Multi-bear, Celestebelleabethebelle (I think...? lol), and so on. So we know Stan isn't lost forever. I mean, he is the best cartoon old guy! Mabel is out of that bubble.. "This is worse than the apocalypse." Dipper says, AGREED. COMPLETELY AGREED. So we know her power's of adorabelness haven't been destroyed. WE MUST HAVE THE MABELS (The personality, lol). THE WORLD IS NOTHING WITHOUT MABELS. we know they're okay... FOR NOW. I really do think Bill is the coolest villain EVER, but if he kills one of my other favorite characters in the show, YOUR DEAD TO ME BILL! "Maybe someone needs to come out of retirement.." Bill says, his eyes show different pictures, as he holds up the Stanford of solid gold. Another thing is one of the twins parents may die. THINKIN' OUTSIDE THE FALLS PEOPLE. WHO WILL DIE? I NEED YOU to help me on this.




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