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Ever since Supergirl premiered on everyone's TV set, it's been a mixed bag among critics and fans, but the one thing in common between the people that love it and hate it, has been the desire from the beginning for the "Superman's cousin" TV show to crossover with The Flash and the not-so-beloved-anymore Arrow.

And ever since that, almost everyone involved in the making of these shows has said the same thing: "We would love to, but... we want Supergirl to stand on her own... it would be too complicated... etc, etc.

Well now, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, producer Greg Berlanti had this to say about the awaited crossover:

“I would love it, a lot of things would have to go right and people would have to say ‘Yes, It would have to be figured out very soon. It would all have to be figured out in the next month or so. As it remains right now we’ve talked internally about how cool it would be, but we haven’t had official conversations. [The CW chief Mark Pedowitz] is supportive.”

Personally, a single episode where it´s established that Arrow and Flash live and breathe in the same universe as Superman would be amazing, and so soon would be even better.

Andrew Kreisberg also expressed the pride he has for his work and the difficulties and differences between making the shows part of the biggest live-action super hero universe:

“I’m as proud of Supergirl as anything I’ve ever done and in some ways prouder because it’s so hard to actually pull off the sheer scale of it. And while I’m so proud of the pilot and some of those early episodes, I do think there was an expectation of what it should be, what the ratings should be, what the character meant. And because it’s a female superhero as well, I think there were expectations on the part of the audience and the people we were making the show with. And I think it’s taken awhile to shake out. Once we stopped trying to make the show to be everything for everybody else and just started telling stories we wanted to tell with these amazing actors, the show has become a lot easier to make. We were blessed with The Flash, which came out of the gate fully formed in a way that Arrow didn’t. Arrow took awhile to find itself. Arrow needed Felicity which it didn’t have early on, and it had voiceover, which it didn’t need. Whereas The Flash came out like The Flash — you can watch the pilot and the finale back to back and it’s the same show. Supergirl was one of those shows that had a learning curve on how to make it and how to tell the stories and the audience’s part on how to watch it.”

Speaking about when Supergirl is at its best, Kreisberg said:

“It’s at its best when everyone’s involved. In the beginning there was a lot of this person’s over here doing this thing, and this person’s doing that thing, and Kara’s got a relationship with Kat, and another relationship with Jimmy. Now things are much more integrated — and they’re going to get further integrated moving forward … but I can’t look back at the early episodes and say, ‘Gee we really blew it there,’ because I don’t think we did. I think it’s the natural evolution. Maybe there were times the storytelling was too timid, or too bold, but I can’t say we’re not being bold now. I just know in my heart the show keeps getting better, and that seems to be the general impression people are getting.”

Are you excited at the prospect of a Supergirl/Arrow/Flash crossover? And even if this doesn't happen this year, would you be okay knowing it will next season?

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