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Just like the date Marty and Doc Brown went back to in Back to the Future 2, 2015 is behind us. I'll admit that that was the year for the movie buffs. There was the good, the bad & the ugly. One thing I learned as a movie goer is to check my expectations at the door, because sometimes the movies you anticipate either don't live up to the hype (Avengers: Age of Ultron) or just flat out suck (Fantastic Four).

I feel terrible for those who wasted almost $25 dollars to see a dreadful film on an IMAX screen. Speaking of IMAX, I wanted to put together a list of movies everyone & their mama will obviously watch. Before the list, I'm not talking about just any IMAX screen. I'm talking about a real 70mm screen. A theater where you have a screen and look over the balcony.

Metreon's IMAX located in San Francisco, CA.
Metreon's IMAX located in San Francisco, CA.

Now, nine times out of ten, you've probably seen a movie on an IMAX screen, but I guarantee you that it wasn't anything like the picture above. The movie you "think" you saw in IMAX was actually a LIEMax. Those screens are everywhere, just like a McDonald's.

I remember a few years ago, comedian Aziz Ansari, went to see a film on IMAX only to be duped and come back to inform his Twitter followers that he had the worst experience ever. His complaint was that he felt short changed by watching a film on a LIEMAX screen. Not knowing the difference of which screen is which, I did some research. I felt cheated myself. The first LIEMAX film I saw was Watchmen. After seeing it, I felt as though it was nothing special... both the movie and the screen, mind you.

See the difference?
See the difference?

After viewing the chart, I said to myself, "Man, I gotta find a real IMAX." There aren't too many here in the Bay Area, but the closest one to me is about a thirty minute drive to San Francisco or what we Bay Areans call it, "The City." My first IMAX film was The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. Although I have mixed feelings about that movie, it was still an awesome experience. It felt like I was in Middle Earth and Smaug the Dragon was really looking down on me. I want you all to have that experience. So, here are 7 movies you should definitely see on a real IMAX screen.

7. Deadpool (Released on 2.12.16)

I was first introduced to Deadpool by a little game called Marvel Ultimate Alliance in 2006. Three years later, I'm reintroduced to him by Wolverine Origins. Not a great introduction, right? Thankfully, the actor, Ryan Reynolds, gets a chance to redeem himself by portraying the actual Merc with a Mouth, most comic book fans know and love. Judging by the large set pieces, this film could make you feel you're on location with Deadpool, watching him kick ass.

6. The Jungle Book (Released on 4.15.16)

I'll admit I was on the fence about this film. I'm a true Disney fan, but wasn't a fan of them remaking their classics into live action properties, but after watching the trailer 50 times, I think Disney may have found a winner. For me at least. The photo realistic looking animals, Jon Favreau's direction & the fact that an Indian kid is playing Mowgli? What more can I ask for? Oh yeah, hoping that it'll be good. Wouldn't you love to feel like you were in the jungle with Mowgli? On a side note, this is actually my mother's favorite Disney movie. So you can guess how we'll be watching this movie?

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (Released on 6.3.16)

Not many people are excited about this. Honestly, I like the Ninja Turtles, but I am not a hardcore turtle fan. I've recently just read the comics from IDW & I'm mad at myself for not hopping on the wagon, sooner. Why I'm excited for this particular movie is because, two iconic henchmen finally get to make their debut: Bebop & Rocksteady. I also hear some scenes were shot specifically for IMAX. What a treat?

4. X-Men: Apocalypse (Released on 5.27.16)

In the last movie, Days of Future Past, there was a scene with Magneto lifting an entire coliseum towards the White House. I said to myself, "Damn, that must've looked cool in IMAX." Unfortunately, DOFP did not have an IMAX format, but rather it was shown on other large formats akin to LIEMAX. Thankfully, this movie will be shown in IMAX and I can't wait to see what kind of chaos the villainous Apocalypse has in store that will fill the entire screen. After the last movie, I'm just eager to see how this chapter ends in the First Class trilogy, in general.

3. Suicide Squad (Released on 8.5.16)

Speaking of villains, we get a gang of them, including Joker. I seen the leaked set photo of Jared Leto's performance & his mannerisms reminded me of Mark Hamill's Joker from the animated series & Heath Ledger's in Dark Knight. Funny I mention Batman: The Animated Series. A character that originated from that show will be making her live action debut. I'm speaking of course of Harley Quinn. This movie is set in the DC Extended Universe, so you know the set pieces are gonna be humongous.

2. Captain America: Civil War (Released on 5.6.16)

Where do I begin with this? Oh yes, Black Panther!!! For those that don't know, I'm a diehard T'Challa fan. I'm eager to see how well Chadwick Boseman will portray my favorite comic book hero. Ever since the first Avengers film, I've been campaigning for Black Panther to show up.

In 2014, a week before the announcement, Batman v Superman was originally suppose to open the exact same day. I told folks, "If Black Panther doesn't show up in Cap 3, I'm watching BvS first." In a way, I'm still watching BvS first, because...

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Released on 3.25.16)

It opens two months before Captain America 3. As much of a Marvel advocate I am, I'm actually eager to see what DC is gonna do with their universe. Let's be honest, we're all used to the Marvel Cinematic Universe formula, but we want some variety from time to time. Which is why, last summer, Jurassic World wounded up grossing more than Avengers 2. I guess because audiences were getting used to the MCU, it became very repetitive and they wanted to take a break. If this movie turns out to be a hit, which it will, pretty soon DC will be telling the folks at Disney and Marvel, "On your left."

Well, with all that being said, do yourself a favor and see these films on a real IMAX screen as opposed to the LIEMaxes that I'm sure you frequent. Here are a list of real 70mm screens in your neck of the woods. Go treat yourself, guys. If there are some films I missed, don't be afraid to inform me. I watch just about any big budget blockbuster that is worthy of my time.


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