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Way out in the woods there is a beautiful Lakehouse that has been passed down from generations of a rich family. The man that owned it last has passed away and he left it to he's nephew the last of the generations. When the nephew finds out he had an uncle is the day he finds out he get the Lakehouse. He takes a trip and left his little boy, little girl and beautiful wife at home to go check it out. When he gets there he loves it so he starts to clean it up all the while he suspects the lake and the house is haunted. About 3 days after getting there he goes into the attic and finds a lot of people's belongings from all different states. He realizes the house is getting into his head and he is not right. Well he starts looking into his uncles life and finds out he had put up a post on Craigslist add for (Lakehouse for rent 3 days for $500) what he did not knew is when the people would get there he would lock them all up and eat them one by one. A week later on a Friday 3 sexy man and 4 beautiful woman come to spend the weekend that they have already payed for. surprisingly he is ok with this. At 4:00 am Saturday morning he wakes up in his bed with blood all over him. He dose not know what has happened he starts looking through the house and finds a one of the men half cuttin up on the kitchen counter. He starts to cry and remembers everything at once. He did it all but the hole time his uncles Spirit was walking him though it. He goes crazy and continues to keep going with the things his uncle has taught him. Then he calls his wife and has her and the kids come to the Lakehouse. When they get there he dose not tell them at first but when his wife finds some things that just ain't right she conference him and he tells her every thing in shame and she loves him so much she says I'll help you they never leave the Lakehouse and they raise the kids to do the same. Then one day a van full of men come to stay for 3 days and the family do as any other time but what they don't know is on of the men is sick with a bad disease and when they eat him it kills them all but the little who is now 17 and the season ends with him putting up a Craigslist add ( beautiful 6 bedroom Lakehouse for rent 1 week $1,000...)

P.s. I hope you all have liked what I have come up with it might not be what you all are looking for. But it was something I come up with in like 20 minutes. My name is Ashley Tia Kirby I'm 27 from Franklin Ohio. You all have an amazing year. I love your show and I never miss a episode. Thank you!!!


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