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With the Internet running out of unique theories to squeeze out of The Force Awakens, it’s time to set our sights on another upcoming blockbuster that will soon dominate the world; Captain America: Civil War. Although there is only four—that’s right, four—months until the film’s release, the public hasn’t seen much of the Marvel juggernaut except for one trailer and a few stills (Thanks, Entertainment Weekly!), but that hasn’t stopped the bloggers from trying to guess how the film will affect the Cinematic Universe and the relationships within it.

One relationship in particular that has fans buzzing is the friendship between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. I use the term ‘friendship’ loosely, considering that Joss Whedon has written them to seem like nothing more than work colleagues who have to mask their animosity towards one another with a smile to save the world; but that’s another article for another day. Instead, we’re going to focus on how eager fans were to place Tony Stark in the villain category.

And they’re wrong. So wrong.

Sure, it may be easy to write Mr. Stark off as a villain after his actions in Age of Ultron (does he know how lucky he is that Vision turned out to be a pretty chill android?) and naming the movie CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR basically casts him as the antagonist to Rogers’ plight of protecting his pal Bucky before we can even lay eyes on the film. However, it seems that Civil War may be Tony’s way of atoning for the events of Age of Ultron. Based on the trailer and articles within Entertainment Weekly, it is clear to see that Stark is in favor of the ‘Sokovia Accords’, a document that came into being after the mess the Avengers made fighting Ultron and will hold the heroes of the MCU accountable for the destruction of cities—and floating countries—while they attempt to save the day.

Wait, why is this a bad thing? No, I’m seriously asking. What’s wrong with Tony Stark supporting a series of laws that will make sure the people responsible for saving the day also responsible for the messes and deaths they leave behind? As an Avenger whom probably has been the cause of most of the destruction within the MCU—Sokovia was ripped from the Earth, people—Stark is making the noble decision to accept the consequences for his actions, a lesson that has taken five movies for him to learn. Better late than never, right?

Meanwhile, Captain America is running around the country hiding a fugitive from the Government. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bucky Barnes as much as the next girl, but it seems that Rogers still needs to learn the lesson that Stark has finally accepted.

Give the Captain two more movies, and I’m sure he’ll reach Iron Man's level.


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