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Avert disaster, just in time.

Why is there this need to be label by an award or recognition? I mean, even in the daily routine, someone is labelling our work. We have grown, in a very bad way, with the need to reward our work and others as well. I can understand the motivational and recognition aspect that it can bring us, but is really necessary?

People forget very easily and criticize even easier (me right now) and therefore, we can not see beyond and that's the reason we not pay attention to the details or the backgrounds.

There is no such a thing like 'easy film' or 'easy role'. We have to learn to respect the whole ambition, project, dream, idea that every ones does into the 'Cinema Fields'. Sometimes, the hype makes on us a fake illusion of circumstances, that probably end up on that: a simple out-going moment for our minds and social media.

At this time, we have forgot 'Arnie', 'Romeo', 'Hank', 'Jack', 'Frank', 'Howard', 'Danny', 'Billy', 'Jordan' and so, so many more and we're just about to skip all of them, skip those memories and those feelings and also those connections we had with DiCaprio just because we're looking that 'Hugh' (The Revenant) for finally give him the 'Oscar' he is waiting since 'ever'. Maybe he deserves it but who are we to encapsulate an entire career in just a prize? The irony of this is that we might see Leo bringing home that coveted statuette, but again who are we to encapsulate a career? And most disappointing of all, it is a monotonous circle we decide to live day by day, year after year.

And pay attention to my words, I'm not despising the work on his latest film, but only pointing and letting see what happens year by year when these 'months of awards ceremonies' to art/films came up, those events that I personally think should not exist anymore 'cause now is almost only advertising (as all) or a simple trending topic of the bunch. Nowadays, I think those ceremonies are missing out the point.

We are creating actors and empty entities 'cause of this and may become alarming in a way that a simple subjective award ceremony can affect the entire career of any actor and actress in the demanding world of cinema.

We have to stop that train. We must begin to not only see but observe every detail behind a film and of course behind these awards ceremonies from the perspectives of both: impact and importance as personal as social/professional. Stop labelling works and projects, start enjoying them, not just wait for prizes and social recognition. As simple as that, gettting back to the basic.

So for me, Leonardo does not have to win a prize to demonstrate how well he does his job. It's always a delight seeing him do his thing. I mean, winning a prize? For recognition, no. For the masses, no. For posterity, perhaps.

Leonardo, we don't have to say it but you're a winner already, since 1991, because you've never stopped working, dreaming and giving us your best in every film.

Fortunately: you're a tremendous and stunning actor, Leo. Unfortunately: you're an 'Oscarless guy' we've created in everyone's mind.


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