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A Dark Horse/Wild Card
Maria Urduja Osit-Li

Actors Mon Confiado, Alvin Anson and Paolo Gamboa were present at the hearings in Congress during the inquiries ( in aid of legislation) over issues & valid concerns pertaining to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) rift, that took place last month--that involved Metro Manila Development Authority officials, apparently influencing the festival's entries during the annual celebrations of the events that highlighted the products of the Film industry in different genres and categories.

The festival dates back to 1966, when Mayor of Manila Antonio Villegas inaugurated the "Manila Film Festival" ("Manila Tagalog Film Festival") a 2-day event from from June 14 through June 24, Manila's birthday, where only local produced films was shown in the theaters.

In 2010 the Festival evolved further and started the "New Wave" category or the Indie films category.

In January 2013, In a review, writer Jessica Zafra complained, "Speaking of standards, why do we bother to review the festival entries when most of them are rubbish? Because they're not supposed to be rubbish! Contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, 'entertainment' and 'commercial appeal' are not synonyms for 'garbage'. There are good commercial movies, and there are bad commercial movies. The bad outnumber the good because the studios think the viewers are idiots."


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