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Fans every where woke up this morning to the news that British icon David Bowie has passed away after an 18-month long battle with cancer.

David Bowie was an inspirational man who encouraged us all to live more freely and openly. Not only was David Bowie an amazing singer but he was a damn good actor, too.

David Bowie acted in many movies , in addition to being an amazing musician. He had roles in films such as Zoolander, The Last Temptation Of Christ, Everybody Loves Sunshine, The Hunger, The Man Who Fell To Earth (Best Actor for this role) and many, many more. He was a true gem who's talents help to reach a wide variety of fans.

This is a little look at one of the best movies he starred in, of course, it's 'Labyrinth'!

Jareth, The Goblin King.
Jareth, The Goblin King.

David Bowie portrayed Jareth the Goblin King in the 1986 iconic movie, Labyrinth! He played a vicious and terrifying dictator who wants a girl named Sarah to fall under his spell and spend eternity with him.

With amazing puppeteering and a fantastic script, Labyrinth has become an iconic film that millions of people adore, not only for the amazing story and effects but for the soundtrack, too!

'Dance, Magic, Dance' is now an anthem to many...

You remind me of the babe-
What babe?
Babe with the power!
What power?
Power of Voodoo!
Who do?
You do!
Do what?
Remind me of the babe!

His portrayal of Jareth was both captivating and terrifying. The premise of the movie is simple: Jareth is in a castle, at the other end of the Labyrinth; Sarah has cursed her baby brother and asked the Goblin King to take him — unaware that Goblin's do exist! She instantly regrets her actions and sets out to get her brother,Toby, back from Jareth!

Jareth waits in his castle to see if Sarah can save her brother Toby from him by getting through his Labyrinth and defeating him at the castle before midnight — after which Toby will become a Goblin and must remain in the care of Jareth forever.

Along the way, Sarah (played by Jennifer Connelly) makes many friends but still has to get through riddles and puzzles, and fight temptation to get to the castle before midnight. Then, when she reaches the castle, she must defeat Jareth and claim back the child that he has taken.

I would recommend this film to almost anybody. It is suitable for children and adults alike, and although it was produced in 1986 it stands the test of time.

Full soundtrack to the movie below, mostly — if not all — performed by David Bowie!

However, David Bowie was also an amazing musician who wrote masterpieces such as 'Ashes to Ashes,' 'China Doll,' 'The Man Who Sold The World,' 'A Space Odyssey,' to name but a few.

Here is a collection of David Bowie's greatest hits:

1947 - 2016

A true legend and hero has passed away, however, fans of his music and movies will keep the memory of David Bowie alive, as he is immortalized in both the music and movie scene. We salute you, sir!

Until next time folks — ciao.

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