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Fear comes full circle as Outlast 2 teases yet another snapshot of horror! Red Barrels have released a few new details and an all new teaser image that waves goodbye to the asylum and hello to a larger and potentially more 'woodsy' horror experience.

Red Barrels delighted horror fans worldwide when they announced that they were working on the second installment to their haunting Outlast series. Outlast gained almost instant acclaim with horror fans worldwide with it's exciting story and unique take on the genre via their first-person, hand-held camera perspective.

Following that eerie teaser trailer released late last year, Red Barrels are teasing the world once again with more southern inspired creepiness. Last year's teaser, just like the original game, was shot in first-person. The teaser certainly came with a distinct southern feel and the latest image revealed by the studio has a similar theme.

If you rewatch the original teaser and look past the flames and into the distance you will see what appears to be a cornfield tucked up under the mountain with a small building nestled into the backdrop - could this be the same building in today's new screen? This has to be telling us that we will have a much wider area to run screaming into.

There are still little to no official details about the new game but according to the studio's Twitter account, the next installment will take us on "a twisted new journey into the depths of the human mind and its dark secrets" and this time we will not be locked within the asylum.

No asylum, but imagery of thick forests and isolated cabins. The theory held by some is that the next game could take place in the woods that surround the Asylum or revolve around a mysterious cult that meet in the dead of night. According to the studio though, the second game will take place "somewhat" after the events of the first game.

The image released (above), is certainly one of menacing promise. That is one heck of a pickaxe! It looks to be a homemade weapon, rudimental in shape but undoubtedly devastatingly sharp. Fitted with chains and red glowing lights this weapon looks like it has a very haunted history.

And who is the character wielding this monstrous tool? Protagonist or antagonist? What we may be able to say with a large degree of certainty is that she is female. The thinner arm and slender leg - along with the tattered looking dress, all this has to point to an axe-wielding female, surely?

What we do know (or think we know)

Outlast 2 will be an entirely new game. Outlast 2 will include all new characters and enemies. We will not be locked inside an old asylum. The game is likely to be located in the deep south - Wrong Turn style. We may have a female lead. The theme is likely to revolve around cult-like activity. We will have a much larger area to explore. The game will play out in the same first person perspective and you WILL have to hide.

This could be the game that I totally did not realize I have been waiting for! A horror game set in the deep south. A chance to be chased around the woods by deranged hillbillies is certainly getting my horror juices flowing. The original game genuinely had me beat more times than I care to admit, but despite how traumatic it was, the storyline kept me hooked and I am sure the second edition will be just as harrowing.

Outlast 2 could be one of the best horror games to release in 2016, so this is certainly one to watch. Who knows, this could pay homage to one of the most entertaining horror movie genres - bring on this lost in the wilderness horror!

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