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With Naughty Dog's highly anticipated adventure, Uncharted 4, now mere months away, the Internet is abound with speculation concerning what we might expect from Nathan Drake's final swan song, and 'swan song' really is the operative phrase here.

In an interview with The Sun, game director Neil Druckmann gave fans plenty of cause for concern, confirming that the fourth game in this acclaimed series will be "the end for Nathan Drake.” Now, as ominous as that may sound, it doesn't necessarily spell doom for Drake, though I wouldn't rule out the possibility of our intrepid hero finally meeting his match (and maker) in the form of this new character, Nadine:

So by the time the credits roll, Nate might not be dead, but he'll certainly be gone, even if it's bad for business:

We've been with this character for so long. He's at the height of his popularity, so it's not a good business decision [to walk away from the series]. But I feel like the best way to honor him is to go out on top, to finish his story.

No side-story offshoots, no rebooted origin story, not even a hint of an Uncharted kart racer?!

With the end of this story, it will be really hard to do a sequel with Nathan Drake.

But remember this isn't a decision that rests solely in Naughty Dog's hands. Uncharted is owned by Sony, after all...

Maybe there’ll be a prequel, maybe it will be a different character, I don’t know. At the end of the day Sony owns Uncharted and they can do whatever they want.

True, though I just hope the Japanese company remains faithful to the legacy of this inimitable franchise, even if that means walking away from it.

Uncharted 4 comes exclusively to PlayStation 4 on April 26, 2016.

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