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Some records, it seems, are just made to be broken.

When Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens crashed through Avatar's seemingly impenetrable domestic box office record last week, fans of the already widely beloved space opera could be forgiven for thinking that the final major box office milestone had been reached. After all, with Avatar's global haul of $2.7 billion seemingly a long shot, even for The Force Awakens (currently a billion dollars short of the record), the taking of the domestic record seemed likely to be the final major milestone left for the taking.

As it turns out, though...

'The Force Awakens' Isn't Done Breaking Records Yet

The latest to fall, though, isn't so much an overhauling of an established cinematic iconic, but rather the setting of a whole new limit for commercial success. Over the weekend (while topping the US box office yet again) The Force Awakens broke the $800 million barrier, the first film ever to do so.

Earning $41.6 million over the course of the weekend (it's fourth at the top of the box office tree), The Force Awakens not only managed to keep the surging — and also very successful, with a $38 million debut — The Revenant at bay, but set itself on course for a whole lot more records to come.

With $812 million already grossed in the domestic market, there's a solid chance of the movie breaking the $900 million mark, and even an outside shot — should interest in the movie stay strong into February — of it making an astounding $1 billion domestically.

Before that, though, there are some other intriguing possibilities — including, should The Force Awakens make a further $25 million or so (a near certainty), a move above Avatar in the domestic 'adjusted for inflation' standings. Should the film reach the $938 million mark, it could even break into the top 10, over-hauling Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Remind yourself of why...

This would leave the international market as the next obvious step — and raise questions about whether or not The Force Awakens really could steal Avatar's crown. A solid but not quite astonishing debut of $53 million in China this past weekend suggests its still a long shot (which is unsurprising considering the Star Wars franchise was largely unknown in the world's second largest movie market before this year), but who knows?

Maybe the Force really will be with it...

What do you think, though?

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