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Have you always loved fairies. But the only movies you can find are tinkerbell or other. Than i have the perfect movie for you! this movie is about myth and magic. Love and thrust. You can think this is a movie for children but it's for adults to. If you still believe in magic and fairies where you believed in when you where a child. Than you will love this movie.

It begins with Jack Woods (Randy Quaid) who has to go to Ireland for his work. There soon he finds out there is a leprechaun family in the house he rents. He rescued Seamus Muldoon (Colm Meaney) from the river. And become friends he introduces him to his wife Mary (Zoë Wanamaker) and his son Mickey (Daniel Betts). Jack met an girl in the woods but that meeting didn't go that well. Because she thinks he was spying on her while she was swimming naked. From Seamus he learns that her name is Kathleen Fitzpatrick (Orla Brady). He falls in love with her but has no idea how to be even friends with her. Everytime he meets her he wants to explain but she doesn't believe him. Meanwhile Mickey and his friends Sean Devine (Tony Curran) and the brothers Jericho (Kevin McKidd) and Barney O'Grady (Kieran Culkin) try to sneake into the masked party of the trooping fairies. There Mickey meets the beautiful fairy-princess Jessica (Caroline Carver). They fall in love but their love is forbidden. Because fairies and leprechauns are enemies. But that doesn't stop them being in love. Later Jessica finds out that Mickey is a leprechaun but their love is already to strong to stop them from caring at all. Jessica's cousin Count Grogan (Jonathan Firth) finds out there are leprechauns and they have to flee. But they had no idea how they had to go down. They had to fly to go down without dying. But without knowing what he does Mickey is flying. His friends tells him it is because he is in love. Leprechauns normally can't fly but when they are in love even that is possible.

The next day Jack offers to drive the horse of Kathleen. Because she can not do it. The rules say that womens may not race. Jack wins and when he walks back with Kathleen they kiss. Later Count Grogan comes to Mickey and wants to fight with him but Mickey doesn't want to. So Sean fights with Count Grogan and loses. Then the Grand Banshee (Whoopi Goldberg) comes and takes Sean life. Never had an leprechaun or fairy died because they are immortal. But the Grand Banshee had made a new sort of rule so maybe the fighting between the leprechauns and fairies would end. Then Mickey full with grief kills Count Grogan and word comes out that Mickey has killed him. That is why Jessica has to go hiding under the ground with Lady Margaret (Phyllida Law). But Mickey finds her and they flee to his uncle Sir Jantee (Stephen Moore), the butter-fairy. Jessica's parents think Mickey has kidnapped her and begin a war against the leprechauns there by ignoring the nature.

Jack and Kathleen have their own problems. Kathleen finds out why Jack is really at Ireland and doesn't think she can trust him anymore. In the human-world nature is callopsing. It starts snowing in Summer and nature is being destroyed. Thats because the fairies only care for the was at the moment and don't care for nature anymore. Jack and Kathleen help Mickey and Jessica to go to the Grand Banshee where the Grand Banshee reveals to Mickey and Jessica that the nature is dying and there is no world left if they don't stop that stupid war. Because Mickey and Jessica think the war is all their fallt. Because they fell in love. So they decide to do something nobody would ever think of doing. They go back to the butter-fairies where they get a poison. they threaten their parents that if this war doens't stop they will take the poison and die. Their parents take it seriously but can't make peace so they take the poison and their dead bodies are revealed to their parents. They make peace so Kathleen rushes to get to them with the antidote but the attack tunnel from the faires callopse and she fell out of the carriage there by breaking the bottel with antidote. Jack rushes to Kathleen and there by knocks himself out. The Grand Banshee comes and their parents ask them if she can save Mickey and Jessica. That she can do but only if every one wants peace. That they do so she brings back Mickey and Jessica from dead. The others that died (except Count Grogan who she keeps so she can be sure there will be no war). In the end Mickey and Jessica got married and Jack and Kathleen too. And the long-lasting war is finally over. The leprechauns and faries are finally friends again.

It's a movie about magic, love, friendship and above all to expect the unexpected. It's the Romeo and Juliet under the Leprechauns and Fairies. Only this time with a happy ending.

People say there are a movie 2 and 3 from this movie but i myself have not found it. So if you know what the tittles from that movies are please say them.

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